ZombieCraft Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2


A complete remake of ZombieCraft Classic. Taken to a whole new level, with proper multiplayer and map making support from the start. Currently in its 3rd beta, very stable and polished.

  • Waves of zombie hordes that progress in numbers, health, and speed
  • 15 Weapons and items to battle off the zombies
  • Improved AI Comrade perk to help watch your back, can be given any weapon
  • Speed Cola, Juggernog, Charge and ExStatic perk machines
  • 5 maps so far: Nacht, Last Resort, Observation Deck, Verruckt, and a more open map called Invasion
  • Built-in Single/Multiplayer map making support


Check your control settings in game for conflicts in red!

  • Play Singleplayer: Run the game, click ZombieCraft button, choose a map and play.
  • Play Multiplayer: Set up server, join server, type /zc to go to and from ZombieCraft realm, Use ZC_Menu key, start game, need ops to change map for now.
  • Change Map: Being op, enable edit mode, type map name, hit generate. Map cycle list and vote feature coming soon.
  • Make Maps: Read the text files in the download zip for a thorough guide.

How to install:

  • First install Minecraft Forge
  • Download ZombieCraft Mod
  • Extract the zip, and copy the contents of the folder inside into your %appdata%\.minecraft folder.



  • Fixed zombies moving super slow making game unplayable (oops)
  • Fixed various sounds that were still not playing
  • Fixed crash in interface manager regarding handleGunBinds


For 1.6.4




For 1.5.2



Credits: Corosus

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