Zombe’s Modpack 1.6.2/1.5.2


Zombe’s ModPack is one of the most popular Minecraft Mod Pack. This is because it has a combination of all the useful Mods available in Minecraft. You may wonder, useful? What useful things? Those things are like, flying, Chest Mod, Ores, and many more things. Many of these Mods in Zombe’s ModPack usually is a Mod used for changing things in Minecraft. Example, like digging speed, changes what happen when you die or something like that.

List of singleplayer only mods in current release:

  • boom – aka Damage Control
  • build – aka Classic Building -not currently working
  • cart – aka Cart Control
  • chest – aka Autostore
  • death – aka Death Behavior
  • dig – aka Digging Adjustments
  • furnace – aka Custom Smelting Recipes
  • growth – aka Plant Growth
  • icon – aka Container Content Icons
  • items – aka Item/Block Properties
  • ore – aka Ore Redistribution
  • recipe – aka Custom Crafting Recipies – not currently working
  • resize – aka Critter Size Variety
  • spawn – aka Critter Spawn Control
  • teleport – aka Teleportation
  • weather – aka Weather Control

List of singleplayer and multiplayer mods in current release:

  • cheat – aka Cheat
  • cloud – aka Cloud Control
  • compass – aka Compass
  • craft – aka Craft All Key
  • fly – aka Flying -On SMP you need the Essentials /fly command or IBelieveIcanFly plugin
  • info – aka World Information
  • path – aka Path Tracker
  • sun – aka Sun Control
  • safe – aka Critter Spawn Highlighter
  • wield – aka Wield Key


  • In case you missed: F7 (default) shows/hides the in-game options screen.
  • Always use this thread to get the updates as this is the ONLY official place for it – never any other place (pretty much all of them spread outdated stuff or worse).

Changes in this release:


  • Compatibility: updated for Minecraft 1.6.2

How to install Zombe’s Modpack for Minecraft:

To install this modpack, you must first locate your local Minecraft folder. It depends on your OS:

  • Windows XP/7: %APPDATA%\.minecraft
  • GNU/Linux:    ~/.minecraft

You can skip this part entirely if you are using a mod-installation tool like MCPatcher, MagicLauncher or else, and if it worked of course. Then, starting from this folder, you will have to do the following:

  • 1) Create a subfolder named mods/zombe
  • 2) Locate bin/minecraft.jar
    • a) Make a backup copy of bin/minecraft.jar, just in case
    • b) Open bin/minecraft.jar as a Zip file with a tool like 7-zip
    • c) In this minecraft.jar, delete the subfolder ‘META-INF’
  • 3) Go in the ‘Classes’ subfolder of this modpack’s archive
    • Copy every .class file from it into bin/minecraft.jar
  • 4) Go in the ‘config’ subfolder of this modpack’s archive
    • Copy every .txt file from it into mods/zombe


For 1.6.2


For 1.6.1


For 1.5.2


Credits: ZombesModpack

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