YALSM Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2


Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod 1.7.10

What This Mod Does

Adds a crafting recipe that allows you to craft 5x Rotten Flesh into 1x Patchwork Flesh, and a smelting recipe that allows you to smelt Patchwork Flesh into Leather. Experience gained from smelting is 0.35, equivalent to cooking raw beef into steak.

The ID of Patchwork Flesh is configurable in 1.6.4 versions, of course, using YALSM.cfg that gets created in your config folder. It defaults to 9753 (thanks random.org!).

Also optionally (disabled by default) adds a single smelting recipe that allows you to smelt Rotten Flesh directly into Leather. Experience gained from smelting is the minimum allowed (0.1, same as Cobblestone ?> Stone). Turn this on in YALSM.cfg if you want it.

How to Install

Install Forge (tested with for 1.6.4, for 1.7.2, and for 1.7.10), then drop the .jar file into ?mods? in your .minecraft folder. This is pretty standard stuff ? look around for tutorials if you’re confused.


    • 2.1.3: Updating the mappings for Forge, and doing everything in pre-initialization.
    • 2.1.2: Updating the version of airbreathercore so this works with the latest version of YAFM? I guess I’ve gotta deal with that for real sometime.
    • 2.1.1: Updated the forge version and fixed mcmod.info. One or both of those makes it so that saved Patchwork Flesh items from 1.6.4 worlds persist on the 1.7 side.
    • 2.1.0: Updated to the beta version of Forge for 1.7.2. mcmod.info won’t work, and FML doesn’t yet appear to be able to load saved Patchwork Flesh items from 1.6.4, so be mindful when updating an old world on this version.
    • 2.0.3: Like 2.0.0 ?> 2.0.1, no functional changes from 2.0.2. If you have 2.0.2, there’s no reason you should need to update to 2.0.3. Just behind-the-scenes changes to better design the fix that was done in 2.0.2 for reusability, and other miscellaneous cleanups.
    • 2.0.2: Added support for globalization of the ?Patchwork Flesh? item name. Also preliminary considerations for 1.7 forwards-compatibility.

Download YALSM Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: AiryBreath

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