WorldPainter Tool for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

WorldPainter is an interactive map generator for Minecraft. It allows you to “paint” landscapes using similar tools as a regular paint program. Sculpt and mould the terrain, paint materials, trees, snow and ice, etc. onto it, and much more.


  • Works with the latest version of Minecraft!
  • Custom biome painting
  • Create your own custom brushes
  • Add custom objects from bo2 files or schematics to the world
  • Customise the location and frequency of underground ores and resources
  • Add snow and ice
  • Easy to use yet flexible and powerful paint-like tools
  • Create oceans, landmasses, plains and mountains
  • Change the terrain type, add trees and create caverns



  • Maintenance release: fine-tune the statistics reported to WorldPainter HQ


32-bit version: download  (works on 32 and 64-bit Windows, but not on 64-bit Java)

64-bit version: download (only works on 64-bit Windows and Java)

Mac OS X



Download installer (can be installed as root or as a regular user)

Download rpm package (Red Hat, Fedora, etc.)

Download deb package (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)

If you have trouble installing the program using one of the installers above, you can download installerless archives here: 32-bit Windows, 64-bit Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX/Linux. Note that these are not recommended and unsupported!

These installers were created with install4j. The source code for WorldPainter is here.

There is not much documentation yet, but the program should be pretty self-explanatory. To play the map, choose Export in the File menu. Just experiment and try everything out. Don’t forget to check the menus, and to see what happens if you right-click instead of left-clicking.

Credits: Captain_Chaos

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