Waila NBT Mod 1.7.10


Waila NBT Mod 1.7.10


Waila NBT Mod is a mod to show a player defined specific NBT info on Waila HUD. I think this mod will satisfy you well.


Waila NBT Mod is a Client-Side addon for Waila. And In-Game NBTEdit is needed to look up NBT data structure.


Blood Magic by WayofTime and Botania by Vazkii are used as examples for tutorial. First, you drop the jar file into mods and start game. A configuration folder as well as a empty file ?default.json? will be generated in your config folder. The mod is useless until you put right config in it.

The config file is in JSON format looks like this:

"Holding Item Name"
: {
"Tile Entity ID 1"
: {
"Tag Name 1"
"Display Name 1"
"Tag Name 2>>>Tag Name 3"
"Display Name 2"
"Tile Entity ID X"
"Holding Item Name X"


This configuration means, when player holding an item named “Holding Item Name”, and point cursor at aTile Entity with ID “Tile Entity ID 1″, Waila HUD will display “Display Name 1, value of Tag Name 1″. “Tag Name 2>>>Tag Name 3″ means display the value of “Tag Name 3″ in the NBT Tag Compound named “Tag Name 2″.

“Holding Item Name”, “Tile Entity ID 1″ and “Tag Name 1″ support regular expression, but the regex must not contains “>>>”.

Let’s take a living example.

Blood Altar is a basic block of Blood Magic. It can store Life Essence and transmute items.


When pointing at it, run command ?/nbtedit?



And here is what the tool(Divination Sigil) from blood magic says.


Now we know the ID of this block is “containerAltar“, and we guess that the “Amount” is the “Current Essence” and “capacity” is “Capacity”.

The target is, when holding the Divination Sigil, we can directly read the “Current Essence” and “Capacity” from the Waila HUD rather than a right click.

Hold the Divination Sigil and run command “/wnn” (stand for Waila NBT Name). The identify name “AWWayofTime:divinationSigil” of it will be shown in chat window.


So we write following content to default.json. (Or if you wanna keep them in order, create a ?bloodmagic.json? and write in it instead.)

: {
: {
"Current Essence"

After saving the config file. Run command ?/wnr? (stand for Waila NBT Reload) to reload configuration.

Then hold the Divination Sigil and point at the Blood Altar.


It works!

Let’s try another. Daybloom.

Run command ?/nbtedit? first.


ID is “botania:specialFlower”, and what useful data “mana” is under a NBTTagCompound named “subTileCmp”.

Save following content to “botania.json” in folder “config/WailaNBT”. (Where the default.json located.)

: {

“.*” is an regular expression matches all string. Note it also matches hand without holding anything. Because holding nothing equals holding an item named “”(empty string).

And don’t forget run command “/wnr” to reload configuration.

Now point at Daybloom and it should work.



This mod is over powered and may destroy experience in survival mode. It’s generally written for testing purpose. Don’t use it on server since it may be considered as cheating.

Holding nothing equals holding an item named ??(empty string).

If display name is not provided (like ?Amount?:??), the tag name(?Amount?) will be used.

Planning Feature

Support for Entities.

Support for item tooltips.

More complex match method.

Download Waila NBT Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: exzhawk

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