WackyWeapons Mod 1.7.10


 WackyWeapons Mod intends to add silly, weird and awesome weapons to the game, so it is obviously suitable with people who like fighting mobs and friends with outrageous weapons like a Chicken Shank. It also adds practical weapons and tools aswell for whom dont like the idea of funny weapons.

 The first tier of weapons and tools is adamantium wich is stronger than diamond (way more durable and a little more attack damage). The next teir is Iridium(more durable than adamantium and more attack damage). Both of these materias spawn in ores at level 16 and under. Adamantium spawns in veins of at most 5 and the rarity is simaler to diamond. Iridium spawns in veins of at most 8 and it has the same rarity as Adamatium. The reason that the Iridium veins are so much bigger is because each Iridium Ore drops only one Iridium Shard and it takes 4 shard to make a Iridium Chunk then you can smelt that into an Iridium Ingot and make it into Amor and tools. The next teir is Ultanium. It takes 3 Iridium Ingots, 3 Adamantium Ingots, 2 TNT and 1 Ingot Compressor Plate (crafted with 4 Iron Ingots) to make one ingot, but the tools and weapons are very powerfull. There is also OP weapons that are very hard to craft and each weapon/tool/armor take at least 1 nether star to craft and a lot of Ultanium Ingots.










Please use this mod with Not Enough Items for recipes.

Download  WackyWeapons Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: Augie_MC

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