Voltz Engine Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Voltz Engine Mod 1.7.10 is primarily a core mod for any mods created by the BBM Team. It also provides basic tools to developers for creating new items, ores, world gen, and handling commands.


Java Version

Java 8 is required by the mods in order for it to function. It can be downloaded and installed here https://java.com/en/download/

Mods that use Voltz Engine

  • Artillects
  • Armory
  • Assembly Line
  • Basic Industries
  • ICBM
  • ICBM Classic


  • # Does VE include content?
    Yes, but it is only enabled at the request of another mod. The reason behind doing this is to prevent duplicate content between dozens of mods. For example ingots, ores, dusts, plates, rods, circuit boards, and anything else we need. This content can be force enabled and disable to allow mod pack makers more control.
  • # Does VE include world gen?
    Yes but it is only enabled if another mod requests it. It can also be forced enabled or disabled in the config.
  • # What does VE do with commands?
    VE has a built-in command & permission system. This system can be disabled if your server already has a permissions system.
  • # Is VE related to Volz Modpack
    We named the mod after the pack but it is not designed for the pack.
  • # Does VE download a dependency.
    Yes it does. It downloads coding Lib from our maven. It does prompt you if you want to download it.
  • # ASM crashes during loading
    This can be noted when the game is early in the loading phase and you get a class not found exception. Adding -DenableAsmTemplates=false to your run config is a temp solution if you really want to play. However, it will cause power code to stop working for some mods.




Minecraft Forge

Voltz Engine Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
VoltzEngine 1.7.10-1.9.14b302 build 302 for 1.7.10 Beta 1.7.10 Nov 3, 2017
VoltzEngine 1.7.10-1.9.13b269-UNSTABLE build 269 for 1.7.10 Beta 1.7.10 Oct 12, 2017
VoltzEngine 1.7.10-1.9.9b242 build 242 for 1.7.10 Beta 1.7.10 Sep 18, 2017
VoltzEngine 1.7.10-1.5.0b107-UNSTABLE build 107 for 1.7.10 Beta 1.7.10 Jun 10, 2017
VoltzEngine 1.7.10-1.2.3b41-UNSTABLE build 41 for 1.7.10 Beta 1.7.10 Apr 23, 2017
VoltzEngine 1.7.10-0.29.0b380-UNSTABLE build 380 for 1.7.10 Beta 1.7.10 Mar 11, 2017

Author: BuiltBrokenModding

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