Vitality Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4

Vitality Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4 is a magic/tech mod that provides you with new rituals and gameplay in Minecraft. Let’s play this mod to discover more than you can imagine.

Getting Started

The first thing you want to do in the mod is craft a basic wand. You can craft it with either a tin or copper ingot, so simply replace the ingot in the recipe to create the tin version.


In order to craft your new wand, you will need to fill it with a mystical energy source called Essence. In order to start collecting essence, you should craft a Vital Extraction spell with the recipe shown below.

Note: It uses normal bronze ingots not imbued ones, and you can use any wood type to craft it, not just birch.

Now that you have a basic wand and a Vital Extraction spell, you can see any tree in your world and hold right click while looking at one of the logs. You should make sure you put the Vital Extraction spell in your offhand in order to work. The logs will begin to turn into Dead Logs, which will decay over time into more dead looking logs.

For each log that you harvest, you will collect up to 25 essence in your wand. Shift+rightclick to check how much you currently have stored.

Once you have a decent amount of essence stored in your wand, you can start using some basic spells described in the next section.

Basic Spells

Now that you have a wand and some essence stored in it, you can create some simple spells that don’t require an altar to craft. Every spell has a cost in essence that is consumed every time you cast it. The first spell you will be able to craft is the Magic Lantern spell, which has the sole purpose of placing torches for 5 essence. The crafting recipe is shown below. Note that it uses normal bronze and not imbued bronze to craft.

There is one other spell that you can use before getting an altar. This spell, the Contained Explosion spell, can be used to summon an explosion having the same size as TNT on the block it is aimed at. This costs 50 Essence which will not harm any blocks, or the player who cast the spell due to the contained nature of the explosion. Note that the bronze in the recipe is not imbued.


Using spells is fairly simple. At the moment, the only way to cast a spell is by having the spell card in your offhand and a wand in your main hand. You just simply right-click on the ground to cast the spell at that location, consuming essence from the wand.


If you don’t have enough essence left in your wand to cast a spell, you will be notified of this, and the spell will not work.


Cryptic Transmutation

Once you have created all the basic spells, you will want to get an Altar in order to progress further in the mod. This is a somewhat complex item to craft, and requires several steps. Firstly, you will need to go to the Nether in order to gather blaze powder for the Cryptic Transmutation spell. The crafting recipe for this spell is shown below. Note that it uses normal bronze, not imbued.


Now that you have the spell, you need to fill your Basic Wand with 1000 essence which is the amount required to use the Cryptic Transmutation spell. Once you have enough essence, you right-click on a diamond block with your wand while the spell is equipped, and it will turn into an altar.


Now that you have an altar, you can begin to create Imbued items, use them to upgrade your wand and create more advanced spells.

Tier 1 Altar

Now that you have an Altar, you can place it in the world to construct the simpliest type of altars, which can only perform the most basic magic. You just shift+Rightclick the altar if you want to see the level of altar you have constructed.


You can throw items on top of the altar to add them to the inventory. If you break the altar while it contains items, the items will drop allowing you to get them back. The altar can store up to 16 items at a time.


Now that you have a basic altar setup, you can begin using it to craft items. The first items you will want to craft are Imbued Bronze Ingots. To throw four gold ingots, four iron ingots and four bronze ingots onto the altar, you right click twice with your want to confirm the crafting.


Now that you know how to use your altar, you can move onwards and create a Tier 2 altar which will let you craft more complex items and progress further through the mod.

Tier 2 Altar

When you shift+right clicked your basic altar with a wand, you saw that it was only a Tier 1 altar. However, with only a small amount of chiseled quartz blocks and hardened clay, you can easily construct the next tier altar which is the final tier implemented at the moment. The Tier 2 altar requires building a small platform below the altar exactly like it is shown in the picture below. This design isn’t final and will be changed later in the development of the mod.


Like with the Tier 1 altar, if you hold your wand and shift+rightclick the altar, you can check what tier it is.


This more advanced altar is able to craft more complex items, as mentioned before. One of the first items you will need to make with this altar is an Imbued Log. You can craft this with three gold nuggets, two imbued bronze ingots and one log, as shown below.

Upgrading your Wand

Now that you have a Tier 2 altar, you can craft an Advanced Wand, which has a 10000 essence capacity and cannot break when collecting essence. It also had an added feature that enables you to collect essence from ore, giving you far more essence than you were able to collect from logs earlier on.

In order to create this wand, you will need two imbued sticks and one imbued bronze ingot. To craft Imbued Sticks, you will first need some Imbued Planks.

Now that you have imbued planks, you can convert them into sticks just like you would with any vanilla planks. However, these planks create Imbued Sticks instead of regular ones, which are needed for the advanced wand and many other items in the mod.

Now that you have all the items required, you can craft the wand. Note that the recipe uses an imbued bronze ingot, not a regular one.

With your new Advanced Wand, you can right-click on any vanilla ore to extract essence out of it. This will convert it into a worse type of ore, but you can extra essence from the worse ore as well. However, this will continue degrading the ore until it is just stone. With this process, you can get thousands of essence from high tier ores such as Diamond and Emerald.

Enhanced Extraction

Now that you have imbued items, you can start to improve your essence extraction methods. Whilst extracting essence from trees may have been acceptable in the beginning with some of the more powerful spells detailed below, you would need thousands of trees just to cast them once, making it unrealistic to maintain.

By crafting the Enhanced Extraction spells, you can begin to extract essence directly from ores, giving you thousands of essence at a time instead of under 100 essence per tree. Note that it uses imbued sticks and ingots to craft, not the regular types.

Place this spell in your offhand, and with your wand in your main hand, right click any vanilla ore.

Your wand will fill up with huge amounts of essence, and the ore will degrade a bit, allowing you to continue extracting essence until it turns into plain stone. It is recommended to use at least an advanced wand to do this; otherwise, you will fill up your wand very fast and end up wasting the excess essence.

Better Spells

With the imbued items you now have access to, you can craft more advanced spells that give you access to more powerful abilities. One of the advanced spells you can craft is the Rapid-fire spell, which allows you to shoot hundreds of arrows quickly at the cost of 100 essence initially then one more essence per arrow fired. Note that this uses imbued sticks and imbued bronze ingots to craft, not the regular variants.


Another advanced spell that you can now craft is the Hunger spell. This spell consumes 500 essence and brings your hunger and saturation levels up to full in one use. Note that it uses imbued sticks and imbued bronze ingots to craft, not the regular variants.


These spells are used in the same way as the basic spells, by putting them in your offhand and using the wand in your main hand to cast it.

JEI Integration

If you are confused about any features in the mod, you can install JEI (Just Enough Items) alongside Enhanced Progression, and click any item in the JEI interface to read about what it does. Below is an example JEI Description card, for the Contained Explosion spell.



Minecraft Forge

Vitality Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Vitality 2.3.2 Release Release 1.10.2 Feb 19, 2017
Vitality 2.0.1 Release 1.10.2 Feb 15, 2017
Vitality 1.5.1 Release Release 1.10.2 Feb 12, 2017
Vitality 1.3.0 Release Release 1.10.2 Dec 6, 2016
Enhanced Progression 1.2.0 Release Release 1.10.2 Nov 29, 2016

Author: raphydaphy

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