Vanilla Builders Extension Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2

Vanilla Builders Extension Mod 1.11.2 currently supplies you with stairs, slabs, walls, fences, gates, and even walls for vanilla blocks that ain’t got any.
The blocks that are added use the textures of their respective vanilla parent-block. That way they will work with every resource pack.

Release version 1.0.4 is now available, compatible with minecraft 1.11.2.

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Configuration Options:


  • Override Vanilla: – Overrides the Vanilla Minecraft recipe for Stone Slabs and Nether Brick Fences.
  • Grass Crafting: – Allows crafting Grass Blocks from Tall Grass and Dirt Blocks.
  • Special Grass Crafting: – Allows crafting Grass Stairs or Slabs from Tall Grass and Dirt Stairs or Slabs.
  • Mushroom Crafting: – Allows crafting Red or Brown Mushroom Blocks from Red or Brown Mushrooms.
  • Special Mushroom Crafting: – Allows crafting of Mushroom Stem or Insides Blocks from Red or Brown Blocks.


  • Include Stairs: – Enable/Disable all Stairs
  • Include Slabs: – Enable/Disable all Slabs
  • Include Fences: – Enable/Disable all Fences
  • Include Walls: – Enable/Disable all Walls
  • Include Gates: – Enable/Disable all Gates


Minecraft Forge

Vanilla Builders Extension Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Vanilla Builders Extension-1.11.2-1.0.4.jar Release 1.11.2 Jul 18, 2017
Vanilla Builders Extension-1.11.2-0.6.5.jar Beta 1.11.2 Apr 12, 2017

Author: c87fa975e43145989dc88fbecee0b1dd

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