Utility Staffs Mod

Utility Staffs Mod adds a total of 12 staffs, 1 block and 1 structure to your Minecraft world. If you are looking for a mod that keeps the game feeling like vanilla or if you like to explore this will probably be the mod for you.

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft


The Staffs

Each of the staffs give a certain level of jump boost when right-clicked in the main hand, but it is only enough for one jump, so make sure to jump after clicking. Then if a staff is in the off hand, you can use it to help break your fall. Below is each of the basic staffs’ stats:

Stone Staff:

  • 2 Blocks High
  • 0-1 Blocks off the ground

Gold Staff:

  • 6 Blocks High
  • 1-2 Blocks off the ground

Iron Staff:

  • 3 Blocks High
  • 2-3 Blocks off the ground

Diamond Staff:

  • 4 Blocks High
  • 3-4 Blocks off the ground

Emerald Staff:

  • 5 Blocks High
  • 4-5 Blocks off the ground

The redstone and lapis staffs are both special utility tools that are crafted using an iron staff as their base.

These two staffs have great abilities, bit it should be cautioned that their durability runs low very fast.

  • Redstone staff (4 attack damage and 115 durability):The main hand ability gives you the same amount of jump boost as an iron staff would, costing only 3 durability, while if the player crouches then uses this ability the player will be able to get a much higher jump, being able to stand up on blocks up to 11 blocks upward, while costing 5 durability. The offhand ability empowers the player with haste 1 for about 15 seconds at the cost of 7 durability.
  • Lapis staff (4 attack damage and 50 durability).While in the main hand, the lapis staff has no ability. Instead, it has a chance to force mobs that it is used to attack to drop obs of experience worth one experience point. This has about a 50% chance of happening upon hitting any entity. When in the offhand the lapis staff with give about 15 seconds of night vision costing 5 durability.

The lapis staff also has a passive:

The lapis staff costs a lot for only a little durability, which is why it has a special ability; when right-clicked on a bookshelf while in the main hand, will repair it by one durability. There is though, a chance that the bookshelf with be destroyed leaving behind a book, 2 paper and 4 planks, but this is only about a 5% chance.

The Ice staff is currently the only of its category and has 4 attack damage and 175 durability.

In the main hand, the ice staff gives a high level of temporary resistance, a sort of parry if you will, costing 7 durability. The offhand ability however, is instead a passive that automatically extinguishes the player costing 5 durability. This effect also grants the player with a small amount of fire resistance.

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft screenshots 01

Additionally, the ice staff slows any entity that it hits.

The ice staff does not work in the nether.

Then there are the two nether staffs and the only block so far, the blaze block.

The two nether staffs both share a couple similarities, but are in fact, very different.

Blaze Staff (400 durability, 4.5 attack damage):

When in the main hand, the blaze staff with give levitation 3 for a couple seconds and while in the offhand will extinguish the player (costs 5 durability), but must be activated manually and the fire resistance given after is lesser than that of the ice staff (costs 15 durability). Mobs hit by this staff are set on fire.

The blaze staff does not work while it is raining.

Blaze Block:

Slight luminescence, easy to mine. This block does not naturally spawn.

Wither Staff (1,750 durability, 7 attack damage):

When in your main hand the with staff with grant you with a couple seconds of levitation 5, but also gives jump boost 6 if you need to get just a bit higher (costs 7 durability). When in the offhand, it gives you tiny moment of high resistance, enough to completely nullify any blow, while also giving invisibility and speed 3 for a couple seconds. In addition when used, it allows for the player to fall 12-13 blocks without taking any fall damage (costs 15 durability). The wither staff gives wither to most mobs that it hits.

Wither Passives


The durability of the Wither staff automatically regenerates while in the nether, helping make up for its high resource cost.

Wither Rage/Fury:

If the wielder of a wither staff falls below half health and it is still in one of their hands, they will experience wither rage, giving the user speed 3, jump boost 1 and strength 1 until the player heals over half health. If the player then falls below three hearts, wither fury activates. Wither fury grants the player speed 5, jump boost 2 and strength 2 until the player raises back to three hearts. Wither rage and fury are very obvious to spot due to them causing particles to spawn around the player using the staff.

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft screenshots 02

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft screenshots 03

The second to last staff to be shown is the Staff of the Dragon.

This staff is extremely expensive, and has 8.5 attack damage and 3,000 durability. The dragon staff has a similar passive to the wither’s durability regeneration, but instead works only in the end.

While used in the main hand, you are given a temporary burst of speed 10 (costs 5 durability), but it only lasts about a second. In the same hand though, if the player sneaks and use the main hand ability, they will get a large amount of jump boost and be able to leap extremely high (costs 7 durability). In the offhand, the player will speed 2 vision for about 15 seconds, in addition once used it will allow the player to safely fall a little over 50 blocks without taking any fall damage (costs 10 durability).

The final staff is the Golden Apple staff

The golden apple staff is a completely support staff, and, besides the ice staff, is the only staff to not offer any speed or height boosts. The golden apple staff has 6 attack damage and 750 durability. It is not craftable, and only spawn in a special structure called the ancient forge (read about it in the structures section below. The first main hand ability gives the player haste 2 for 15 seconds, costing 20 durability. In the same hand, it restores 1/4 of the hunger bar in exchange for 25 durability used when the player is crouching. In the offhand, if the player is not crouching right-clicking will give the player 4 hearts of absorbtion for 30 seconds, costing 50 durability. If the player is crouching, it will give the player 6 extra hearts for one minute, costing 140 durability.

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft screenshots 04

Here it is pictured the height that can be achieved from each staff (head position)

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft screenshots 05

Crafting Recipes

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 01

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 02

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 03

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 04

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 05

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 06

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 07

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 08

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 09

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 10

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 11

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft recipes 12

Naturally Generated Structures

The only structure in the game so far is the ancient forge. It is completely surrounded by obsidian, requiring a diamond pickaxe if you want to acquire the golden apple staff inside it. It is an extremely rare spawn currently at about a 0.1% chance of it being found in a single chunk.

Utility Staffs mod for minecraft screenshots 06


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Utility Staffs Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Utility-Staffs-Mod-(2.0.0)-[1.12.2] Release 1.12.2 Aug 4, 2019
Utility-Staffs-Mod-(1.1.0)-[1.12.2] Release 1.12.2 Jul 17, 2019
Utility-Staffs-Mod-(Beta-1.0.0)[1.12.2] Beta 1.12.2 Jul 15, 2019

Author: ShadowPlayer50_1

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