Unique Ores Mod 1.7.2

This is an ores mod created with the purpose to add ores, ?Unique? ores if you will, that he have rarely seen in any other updated mods.

It also adds a couple of machines and decoration blocks to expand your Minecraft experience.

The Machines
NOTE: The Multi-block structures for the machines have been postponed as of 0.8 due to my multi-block code generator (multi-block code is REALLY freaking long) having yet to update.

The machines are currently only their main, control block with a different recipe that includes compressed multi-blocks.

compressed multi-blocks are made up of the oringinal multi-blocks structure, ex. Iron = eight Iron Casing around a Heating Core in a crafting table, etc. The recipe for the furnaces is the same, except the compressed multi-blocks go in the middle column, needing 1-3 compressed multiblocks depending on the machine.

The recipes and smelting recipes can be found in my video, up above.

The Industrial Furnace:

The Industrial Furnace, like all of the others, is a multi-block structure.
The bottom layer consists of eight Iron Casing blocks and one Heating Core in the middle. The Industrial Furnace Block goes on top of the Heating Core.
The Industrial Furnace can smelt the commonly found ores into two ingots, but It will take some time. It can also smelt the less commonly found ores into one ingot, while the regular furnace cannot smelt them at all.
It requires 2.5 coal to smelt one ore, and can also smelt the powders made in the Grinder.
The Bottom layer:

The Grinder:

The Grinder is an interesting machine, primarily made of gold and platinum.
The Multi-block structure consists of two layers of eight golden casing blocks surrounding a Grinder Blade block. The Grinder itself sits on top of the second layer’s Grinder Blades.
It can be used to grind up the ores into a certain amount of powder, judging by their rarity. Four small piles of any powder makes one big pile of the respective type of powder.
Some dusts can be combined into alloy dusts, which then can be smelted in the other machines.
The First/Second layer:

The Blast Furnace:

The Blast Furnace is definitely the strongest machine, and the hardest to obtain.
The Blast Furnace’s three Multi-block layers consist of: the Top and Bottom being nine Emerald Casing blocks, and the middle being made up of a heating core, with three Grinder Blades to the North, West and East of it, and the Blast furnace goes to the South of it with the remaining spaces being filled with Emerald Casing blocks.
The Blast Furnace can smelt the common ores (Iron, Gold, Cobalt, etc.) into three, yes THREE ingots. It can smelt the rarer ores into one or two ingots.
It takes five coal to smelt one ore and takes its lovely old time.
The Top/Bottom layers:

Middle layer:


The powders are obtained by putting most ores and some ingots into the Grinder. The small piles can be crafted into big piles, which can then usually be smelted in the respective furnace to give one ingot of the powders type.
Sometimes you can grind an ingot to get powder that may lay in the material, but is not the material itself. For example, Platinum contains traces of Rhodium and Meteoric Iron contains traces of Nickel. You can grind up one Platinum Ingot for two tiny piles of Rhodium Powder and One Meteoric Iron ore for six tiny piles of Nickel dust.

Ender Powder is used to duplicate Ender Pearls with Molybdenum Ingots. Just put one Ender Pearl into The Grinder and it gives you eight Ender Powder. It takes four Ender Powder and five Molybdenum Ingots to make an Ender Pearl, so you can effectively duplicate your Ender Pearls if you have excess Molybdenum.

Reinforced Gold:

Reinforced Gold is an alloy made by mixing powders. You need one big pile of Gold powder, one small pile of Nickel powder and one big pile of Iron powder to make one small pile of Reinforced Gold powder. Mix four tiny piles of Reinforced Gold powder to get one big pile of Reinforced Gold powder, then smelt the powder in the Blast Furnace to obtain one Reinforced Gold Ingot.

Fernico is an alloy made from Iron and Cobalt. You can put a tiny pile of Iron dust next to a tiny pile of Cobalt dust to get  a tiny pile of Fernico. To smelt a big pile of Fernico dust you need a Power or Blast Furnace. It will give you one Fernico ingot.

Ultimet alloy (That is not a typo, that IS how you spell this metal’s name) is made from placing a big pile of iron dust, a big pile of molybdenum dust, a small pile of cobalt dust and a big pile of nickel dust in a 2 x 2 square in that order from right to left. And yes, that is how you spell the name of this alloy. You need to have a Blast Furnace to smelt a big pile of Ultimet dust to obtain one ingot.

Tool Strengths:
Note: These are due to change in a future update

  • Cobalt: Has 356 uses and has medium mining speed and enchantability.
  • Nickel: Has 450 uses, has lower mining speed and medium enchantability.
  • Reinforced Gold: has 500 uses, has the fastest mining speed and super high enchantability.
  • Fernico: has 680 uses, medium mining speed and medium enchantability.
  • Ultimet: has 880 uses, fast mining speed and high enchantability.




  1. Look for the latest recommended forge build for 1.6.2 .
  2. Click the download link to the right that says Installer.
  3. Save the installer and run it.
  4. Install client should already be selected, so click install.
  5. When it finishes, go to your windows search bar and type in %appdata%
  6. You should then see a folder called .minecraft. Click on it.
  7. go to the versions folder in .minecraft that should have a folder in it that says Forge and a bunch of numbers.
  8. Create a new folder in the versions folder and name it whatever you want.
  9. Go inside of the Forge folder and copy the jar file and the json file.
  10. Go inside of the folder you created and paste the jar and the json inside.
  11. Rename the jar and the json to exactly what you named your new folder.
  12. Open the json file with a program like notepad or a .txt reader, and you should see a couple sets of quotation marks.
  13. In the second set, (the ones that should say Forge-blahblahblah inside of them) write the exact name of the folder that you created inside of them and erase the Forge part.
  14. Go to the launcher. Under the profiles section there should be a button that says ?New Profile?. Click it.
  15. Put whatever profile name you want to in the ?Profile Name? part.
  16. In the Use Version bar, click the down arrow and you should see an option that says ?release? whatever you named your new folder in .minecraft’s version folder.
  17. Select that version, click done, and run your Minecraft while using the profile you just created. When it loads, you know you now have Forge in a different profile. Yay.


This is for people that already have Forge installed that want to install other mods.

  1. Click the download link for my mod on this page
  2. Go to your .minecraft file at %appdata%.
  3. If you don’t have a mods folder inside of your .minecraft, make one and open it.
  4. Drag, NOT extract, but drag  and drop the .jar inside of my file unopened into your mods folder.
  5. Go to the Minecraft launcher and play under your installed Forge profile.
  6. The mod should work! Have fun and be sure to give it feedback in the comments!

Download Unique Ores Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2


Author: MahTamato


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