Uncle Jeff’s Anystone Walls Mod 1.7.2


Uncle Jeff’s Anystone Walls Mod 1.7.2

Built using MinecraftForge 1.7.2 (b 1121).

The recipes are mostly predictable conversions from material blocks to walls. The quartz wall takes 6 quartz blocks to produce its 6 (chisled texture) quartz walls. The iron gate is made with ingots for sticks and bars for planks. It’s skinned with the iron block texture (the iron bars texture intersected poorly with the fence-gate model).

Stone-brick Wall
Mossy Stone-brick Wall
Cracked Stone-brick Wall
Chiseled Stone-brick Wall
Brick Wall
Hard Clay Wall
Netherrack Wall
Quartz Wall
Obsidian Wall
Sandstone Wall
Chiseled Sandstone Wall
Stone Wall
Polished Granite Wall*
Polished Diorite Wall*
Polished Andesite Wall*
Iron Gate

* Planned for mc v1.8

Since all of these walls are a single block ID, they all connect with each other. Since it’s a subclass of BlockWall, they also connect to anything that a cobble (or mossy cobble) wall connects. They’ll even stretch toward cobble walls, but the cobble walls don’t reach back (nor do the cobbles connect to the iron fence-gate). Besides its appearance, the iron fence-gate’s only difference from wood is that it takes a couple more hits to drop it.

Download Uncle Jeff’s Anystone Walls Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2


Author: Uncle__Jeff

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