Ultra Compression Mod 1.7.10


Ultra Compression Mod create extremely compressed versions of a lot more things in the game, most notably being redstone, by taking inspiration form Extra Utilities. This mod will add up to 8 levels of compression to whatever blocks he have added to it.

Maybe in the future, this mod will give the user the ability to add items to compress. In the meantime, since the mod is open source, people with the knowledge can maybe add them themselves!

The mod basically is an extended version of the storage blocks from the base game. 9 items in a crafting grid will compress into a single block, and vice versa.


2014-07-15_22.png (1920×1028)2014-07-15_22.png (1920×1028)

capture.JPG (704×665)

Download Ultra Compression Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: SamRaven2

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