Ultra Amplified Mod

If you are looking for a more crazy world than the Amplified world type, then Ultra Amplified Mod will satisfy you with its generate massive flat overhangs and giant floating islands along with many biome modifications to match this new terrain!

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft

Even the ocean biomes are now ultra amplified so that giant bowls of land will hold the water in! The landscape for land biomes will look like it generated many layers of land that is stacked with space between them which gives them a very unique look and makes traversing more challenging.

When using this mod, you will find that the Nether biome, Nether Fortresses, End biome, and End Cities now generate in the overworld! Mineshafts and Villages have more biome variations to add more variety to the game. And when you dig down, you will find a massive maze-like network of Ravines that leads to giant cave cavities with the floor filled with lava! The world is meant to be very difficult and tough but also filled with more chests and ores!

Even better, some M variant biomes are changed to be more unique and fun to explore! In addition, I also added a Bamboo Forest Biome but used only vanilla blocks for that biome and all other biomes. The reason for this is so any world you made with the Ultra Amplified Mod can still be played on in non-modded Minecraft!

Note: When you are going to make a new world, be sure to change the world type to Ultra Amplified! (This will show after the Customize world type).


End Themed Village near an End City in Overworld

The End Biome can generate in the Overworld and has a chance of spawning an End City! Villages and Mineshafts that spawn here will be End themed as well.

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 01

Icy Mineshaft in Ice Spike Biome

A variation of Mineshafts that spawns in Ice Spike Biomes

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 02

Woodland Mansion with sweet terrain

Woodland Mansions spawn more frequently and can now spawn in Birch Forests, Plains, and Swamps now

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 03

Massive pit created by a Savanna Mineshaft

Mineshafts can either spawn floating high up in the world or they can spawn deep underground and create a giant pit in the world

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 04

Large Stronghold that spawns aboveground

Strongholds now spawn bigger and aboveground while also being far more dangerous due to having more Silverfish Spawners

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 05

A good example of the terrain with this mod

The overhangs and floating islands create layers in the world as you can see in this picture. Deeper layers are more darker and more dangerous

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 06

Swamp terrain with this mod

The Swamp Biome is a biome that looks amazing with this mod. You can also see a Swamp Themed Mineshaft to the right in this picture

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 07

A rare Birch Forest M Biome with giant trees!

M variant biomes can spawn with this mod with this picture showing a good example.

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 08

Swampland M, Roofed Forest M, and Dark Oak Village

The mutated variants of Swamplands and Roofed Forests has bigger and cooler trees now along with a new Village variant for Roofed Forests.

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 09

Sun Shrine in Birch Forest

This structure and Stonehedges are very rare and only generates in any biome with “Hills” in its name except for Extreme Hills Biomes.

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 10

Ocean with Ruins and Lukewarm Ocean

Ocean biomes along with their ocean structures has been introduced in the 1.13 version of this mod! If you are lucky, you can find an Ocean Monument and maybe an ocean themed Mineshaft as well!

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 11

Deep Frozen Ocean with Shipwreck

Even the Frozen Ocean biome has gotten more intense with this mod. Making your way around massive icebergs to find treasure chests will prove to be a challenge!

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 12

Jungle Village with a Jungle Temple fused to it!

A new variant of Village made specifically for the Jungle biome. This village is a great source of Mossy Stonebricks.

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 13

The mutated form of the Jungle biome now looks like a cross between a Jungle, Swamp, and Flower Forest! Hay Bale piles can spawn in this biome as well.

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 14

Giant Tree Taiga biome with a large boulder

With their large boulders that can hold ores and taller trees, Giant Tree Taiga biome are a lot of fun to explore!

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 15

Giant Spruce Tree Taiga biome with massive pillars!

The mutated forms of the Giant tree Taiga biome has huge boulders stacked on top of each other to form giant pillars full of ores! Finding this rare biome is quite amazing!

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 16

Badlands Village in Eroded badlands with a Savanna Plateau biome in background

Eroded Badlands have massive spikes and can spawn a Badlands themed Village as well! If you go deep down in this biome, you will find a thick maze of spikes that makes navigation difficult. In the background, Savanna Plateau biomes forms towering walls!

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 17

Nether Fortress underground in a Cave Cavity

If you explore through the underground Ravine maze, you might come across these giant Cave Cavities filled with lava and stalagmites! Nether Fortresses can generate underground as well but difficult to find.

Ultra Amplified mod for minecraft screenshots 18


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Ultra Amplified Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Ultra Amplified Mod V.6.12.0 (Forge compatible) Release 1.14.4 Nov 30, 2019
Ultra Amplified Mod V.6.11.1 (Forge compatible) Release 1.14.4 Nov 14, 2019
Ultra Amplified Mod V.5.0 (Forge compatible) Release 1.13.2 Jul 9, 2019
Ultra Amplified Mod V.4.4 (Forge compatible) Release 1.12.2 Jul 28, 2018

Author: telepathicgrunt_reddit

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