TYNKYN Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2


TYNKYN Mod, which started back in 1.2.5, stands for Things You Never Knew You Needed. This mod will provide players many useful things that they’ve never thought of.

World Generation

TYNKYN adds four blocks that spawn in the world as well as a new type of flower. Three of these blocks look like and are named Stone, Netherrack, and Soul Sand. These blocks spawn in their vanilla counterparts. The fourth block is called Remains which spawns in dirt. When mined, these blocks will usually drop their vanilla counterparts. However each block also has a chance to drop other items.

Stone will drop cobblestone, talc, coal ore, iron ore, lapis ore, redstone ore, gold ore, diamond ore or, emerald ore with cobblestone being the most common and emerald ore being the least common.

Netherrack will drop netherrack, blaze powder, gunpowder, quartz ore, blaze rods, and nether stars with netherrack being the most common and nether stars being the least common (1/1000 chance).

Remains will drop dirt, rotten flesh, and bones with dirt being the most common and rotten flesh and bones having a equal chance of dropping.

Soul Sand will drop soul sand, ghast tears, and wither skeleton skulls with the most common being soul sand and the least common being wither skeleton skulls.

The flower added by TYNKYN is called a Slimelac. These flowers spawn in swamps and when broken will drop between 1 and 7 Slime Leaves.



Subflooring is the base block for all types of flooring in TYNKYN. This block, on its own is very plain but it becomes useful for decoration with the use of tiles and carpet. Right-clicking on subflooring with any tile added by TYNKYN will place that tile on the floor. You can also right-click the subflooring block with a tack strip which will change it into a tacked flooring block.

Tacked Flooring

This block is similar to the subflooring block but instead of right-clicking on it with tiles you use vanilla Minecarft carpet. This makes carpet a bit more useful as now you can actually place blocks on top of it.

Tiled Floor

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Colored Tiled Floor

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Carpeted Floor

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Decorative Blocks

TYNKYN adds smooth and brick variants of obsidian, netherrack, and end stone. These blocks have no crafting recipes but are converted in world with the use of tools added by TYNKYN.

Grinding Stone (WIP)

This block is not craftable or otherwise available outside of creative mode; however, it is actually fully functional. It is part of a bigger project that looks to change the way enchantments are applied to items. If you spawn this item in you can right-click it with a sword or an axe and a random level of the sharpness enchantment will be applied provided you have enough levels (25 for swords and 20 for axes). There is also a mob called a Unielk that can be found in Extreme Hills biomes. This mob grants ?luck? enchants. (Looting, fortune, infinity, and luck of the sea) Again, levels are required and this mob is part of a bigger project that isn’t yet finished.


Hammer and Chisel

The hammer and chisel is a tool with many applications. First this tool is the only way to retrieve tiles or carpet that has been placed down on subflooring. Right-clicking any tiled or carpeted floor block will convert that block back into subflooring or tacked flooring respectfully and will return the tile or piece of carpet to your inventory. Additionally, shift + right-clicking on a tacked flooring block will return the tack strip and convert the block back into subflooring.

The hammer and chisel can also be used to change other blocks in world.

Stone when, right-clicked on top or bottom, will become chiseled stone.

Stone, when right-clicked on the side, will become stone bricks.

Smooth sandstone, when right-clicked, will become chiseled sandstone.

Quartz blocks, when right-clicked on top or bottom, will become chiseled quartz.

Quartz blocks, when right-clicked on the side, will become quartz pillars.

Smooth obsidian, when right-clicked, will become obsidian bricks.

Smooth netherrack, when right-clicked, will become netherrack bricks.

Smooth end stone, when right-clicked, will become end stone bricks.


The blowtorch also has many uses in world.

Using the blowtorch on cobblestone will turn it into stone.

Using the blowtorch on sand will turn it into glass.

Using the blowtorch on sandstone will turn it into smooth sandstone.

Using the blowtorch on clay will turn it into hardened clay.

Using the blowtorch on snow or ice will turn it into water.

Using the blowtorch on logs will drop a charcoal and start a fire.

Using the blowtorch on obsidian will turn it into smooth obsidian.

Using the blowtorch on netherrack will turn it into smooth netherrack.

Using the blowtorch on end stone will turn it into smooth end stone.

Cobweb Duster

The cobweb duster can be used on cobwebs which will drop up to 3 spider eyes and 5 pieces of string.

Tack Strip

Tack strips are used to turn subflooring into tacked flooring. This allows vanilla carpet to be placed down.

Ender Seeds

These seeds are found in dungeons. They seem to be infused with the power of the End. However, they don’t seem to accept any block as a place to be planted. I hear chickens like seeds?

(There is only a 10% chance of these seeds doing what they are supposed to do. The rest of the time, well?DO NOT try this near valuables, such as your base. You have been warned.)


When a pig, cow, chicken, or sheep is killed by the player, they have a chance of dropping a carcass. Carrying a whole animal around isn’t easy. These carcasses will have a use in a future update.


Talc is a common drop from the stone variant of the world generation blocks added by TYNKYN. It is used to make ceramic clay.

Ceramic Clay

Ceramic clay is used to craft tiles.


There are currently 26 varieties of tile. These items can be placed on subflooring which will apply that tile design to the floor. Crafting recipes are below.

Hardwood Panels

Hardwood panels are essentially the same as tiles. Crafting recipes are also below.

Slime Leaf

Slime leaves drop from Slimelac flowers when broken. These leaves can be crafted into slime drops.

Slime Drops

Slime Drops can be crafted together to create a slime ball.

Villager Books

These books are not currently obtainable outside of creative mode. They are the only way to access the villagers added by TYNKYN. Shift + right-click any villager and that villager will change their profession. Books for all villager professions will be added in a future update. The TYNKYN villagers currently only have placeholder trades.

Canned Drinks

There are 7 varieties of drinks added by TYNKYN. They are found as dungeon loot. I could tell you what each of them does but what’s the fun in that? When consumed, a crushed can will be added to your inventory. They can be traded to the recycling villager from TYNKYN. The trades are placeholders.



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Hammer and Chisel

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Cobweb Duster

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Tack Strip

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Ceramic Clay

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Slime Drop

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Slime Ball

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Download TYNKYN Mod

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: DarKnighT_0_9

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