Turtle Mod 1.6.4


Turtle Mod 1.6.4

Requires minecraft forge for 1.6.4

As the name suggests Turtle Mod adds in turtles as mobs into minecraft. It also allows you to craft armor from the shells they drop.





FEATURES Turtle Mod 1.6.4

  • 3 turtle variations, basic turtle, demon turtle, and ender turtle
  • turtle breeding with apples
  • SMP support
  • turtle shells
  • tame normal turtles with a golden apple
  • tamed turtles can be healed by feeding them carrots
  • normal shell armor
    • almost as enchantable as leather
    • same protection as iron armor but lasts longer

-demon shell armor

  • almost as enchantable as leather
  • More protective than diamond but only lasts a little longer than leather
  • grants immunity to fire when wearing a full set

-Ender shell armor

  • almost as enchantable as leather
  • Slightly less protective than green shell armor and lasts longer than iron but not as long as diamond
  • If you take any damage while wearing a full set you’ll be teleported to a random location nearby. Perfect for escaping fights, and avoiding drowning, suffocating, or lava.

CHANGELOG Turtle Mod 1.6.4


  • updated for minecraft 1.6.4
  • changed breeding food from wheat to apples
  • added ability to tame turtles with golden apples
  • added ability to heal tamed turtles by feeding them carrots
  • added turtle ?sit? animation
  • added ender shell armor
  • added demon shell armor
  • added ender turtle mob
  • updated turtle demon texture
  • bug fixes

Install Turtle Mod 1.6.4

  1. ?install minecraft forge
  2. run minecraft with forge installed at least once
  3. put the turtle mod .zip file in the mods folder in your .minecraft folder

Download Turtle Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4


Author: lemonzap

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