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EsvDefcon Said: 

TitanCraft Mod is a one-off modification which I developed in order to get me back into modding. I haven’t worked on any Minecraft mod projects in quite a few months, so I started again by building this. When I say one-off, I simply mean that I do not plan on adding any more content to this mod (unless people ask for it), although I will keep it up to date, and also deploy any bug-fixes necessary. 

TitanCraft Mod basically brings a new dimension, the Titan Plane into Minecraft. Along with it is a new ore type, an entire toolset (Essence tools), and Titans. Titans are really just big ass zombie-type guys, although I did make a custom model for them (and a nice texture). They have got these friends called Grunts, which are tiny little guys who like to bite you. I don’t know I couldn’t think of anything better. Sorry ( :P ). I did do my best to make the new dimension as exiting as I could, and it even spawns nether fortresses (just to keep it a bit more interesting). I based it off the Nether, but with it’s own blocks. There is also a new biome, the Essence biome which looks like a scene out of Narnia or something. Anyway, the whole point in this mod is that you can build a portal, go to the new dimension, kill the Titans, and take over their homeland (or build houses for them, it’s up to you). Again, this project was mainly for me to get back into modding, so it is just a quick piece of work (It actually took me about 10 hours in total including the texturing, so I’m happy to update it with more mobs or whatever if it’s requested.







Install TitanCraft Mod 1.7.10

In the download (inside of the .zip file), you’ll get a .jar file. It contains all of the good stuff. Simply put it into your mods folder (C:UsernameAppdataRoaming.minecraftmods), and run minecraft. This is a Forge mod, so you’ll need to have Forge installed . Then, run your Minecraft launcher, select the ?Forge? folder, and Bob’s your aunt! It’s as easy as that!

Download TitanCraft Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: EsvDefcon

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