The Western Battle Map

The Western Battle Map

Lore: A long while back, there was this guy. His name was not important, and his deeds were great but went mostly unnoticed. Until one day he was walking along a massive cliff. He could not see the base due to the immense fog. He saw a beautiful spring tree growing from the face of the rocky cliff and decided he had been traveling long enough and took a nice nap by it. He was awakened a few hours later by the sound of a dragon rising from the fog. For no reason the dragon burnt all of the trees leaves just enough so it could never grow again. The man, very angry at the dragon, went on a quest to find a sword for which he could slay the dragon. Once he acquired the sword called ?Dragnipur?, forged in the lands the deep. He came back to the cliff where he waited 6 long weeks before the dragon finally arose again. After a long battle the man finally decided to end it one way or another and took his last leap?

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Author: Plutouthere


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