The Quantum Circuits Mod 1.6.4

The Quantum Circuits Mod 1.6.4

Curious about Quantum Computing?

Then this mod is for you! This is a fully functional quantum circuit simulator for minecraft. (As opposed to other mods which are more like quantum analogies) This mod gives you access to a universal gate set allowing you to in theory create any quantum circuit you desire. Install it in either a single player world or on a server! (the jar file works for both)

Experiment with weird quantum mechanical features such as superposition and entanglement and harness them to build systems which can not be implemented in the classical world!

Circuits you can make!

  • Shor`s Error correction code
  • Super Dense Coding
  • Quantum Teleportation
  • And Many More!

The Shor`s Algorithm Challenge

The first person who implements and demonstrates a fully functional Shor`s factoring algorithm in this mod will win 0.1 BTC (Approx. $100) In order to be considered for the prize you must:

  • Create a circuit which accepts any number between 1 and 63 which is the product of two primes (there are 18 such numbers)
  • Uses this mod and Shor’s Algorithm to factor the input number into its two factors (classical processing must be included too!)
  • Submit the map with the circuit to for independent testing.
  • Allow us to create videos of the circuit and/or use it for any other purpose including putting it up for download (essentially you sell us the map)
  • Have a Bitcoin address for the reward!

Note you could solve this through purely classical methods. Those will be invalid. You MUST use the quantum algorithm known as Shor’s Algorithm.


We are happy to have you include our mod in any modpacks you like. All we require is that you:

  1. Include a link back to one of our mod pages
  2. Give credit for this mod to us

Also to you who want to include the mod in a modpack. You should note there is a small bug with the config file for items. We don’t know why but the ?baseItemIndex? value you enter will not be the items actually start at. They will be offset by +260. (If you have 2500 the first items will appear at ID 2760) This might cause item ID conflicts with other mods that are hard to find. But taking this into account will fix the problem. If this causes enough of an issue with people we will release a fix for this. But its a minor issue which we figure will rarely come up and won’t matter as of 1.7.2.



2.0.9 unstable

This update contains a lot of changes, but not many that is visible or affect the mod, so the download can essentially be skipped.

It is labeled ?unstable’ because it has not been bug checked extensively. I keep doing a lot of testing and such, but there may still be weird bugs left, so this will not be considered stable for a few weeks probably.


  • The system now uses an external lib (javolution). It was added mostly for the fast maps and some other collections, and may be used for other stuff later, such as GPU based computing (for dedicated servers). Sparse vectors are now handled faster.
  • Adding javolution means the licence will change, but it will technically still be the same (do what you want, pretty much).
  • Changed a lot of math. Controlled gates are evaluated differently, and is now faster. Further preparations has been made in order to later support user-defined matrices of any size (custom matrices with user-defined entries). Big changes and cleanup.
  • Changed it so that the item/block id offset is removed (setting base ID 2500 will now make the actual, in-game base ID = 2500, not the offset value (2670 or something like that).
  • Fixed the graphics for the phase gate (hopefully). Works well on my machine.


Download The Quantum Circuits Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4


  • JamtlandOutdoors
  • DennisMckinnon
  • Byamarro


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