The Mining Mod 1.7.10

The Mining Mod, which started about 3 years ago, adds some new tools and armor. This simple mining mod might be the favorite mod of many people. A simple mod became a popular mod with over 45k downloads. For over 1.5 year the mod wasn’t updated, untill now!


  • Sapphire ore, with tool and armor sets
  • Ruby ore, with tool and armor sets
  • Copper ore, used to make bronze
  • Tin ore, used to make bronze
  • Bronze, with tool and armor sets
  • Mithril, with tool and armor sets
  • Silver, with tool and armor sets

A list of the sets from worst to best:

  1. Crystal (200 tool uses, 3.0F speed)
  2. Silver (400 tool uses, 3.5F speed)
  3. Bronze (500 tool uses, 4.0F speed)
  4. Ruby/Sapphire (600 tool uses, 9.0F speed)
  5. Mithril (10.000 tool uses, 15.0F speed)

As you can see, mithril is quite overpowered. This is balanced by the fact that it’s extremely hard to get. I might adjust it a little bit if I get any complaints about it.
For the recipes, I recommend using a mod like Not Enough Items. You can see any recipe you want with this mod.
Installing the client

    1. Download and install Minecraft Forge for the appropriate version
    2. Download the Mining Mod
    3. Open your .minecraft folder, by typing %AppData% in your explore
    4. Drag and drop the Mining Mod jar file into the mods folder, which was created by installing Forge
    5. Start up Minecraft, it should work!

Download The Mining Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: CookieCake

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