The Iron Man Mod 1.7.2

The Iron Man Mod 1.7.2

What this mod adds in?

This Iron Man Mod adds in many things from the world of Tony Stark like the Mark 3 armor or even the palladium in his chest. In this mod there are a total of three suits the Mark 1, Mark 2, and the Mark 3. When wearing these special suits you get special abilities. You get to become Iron Man and battle mobs like creepers and zombies

What ores does this mod add in?
This mod adds in a total of three ores titanium, copper, and palladium. You use these ores to creat your Iron Man suits. As you Iron Man fans would expect titanium and copper would be mainly for the suit while palladium would be for the arc reactor.

What weapons does this mod add in?
This mod only adds in one weapon that will soon be changed. This weapon is the Repulsor. The repulsor is a good weapon for fighting those nasty zombies or creepers.

Install The Iron Man Mod 1.7.2

  1. dowlnload latest version of forge
  2. download the mod
  3. drag the ironman mod folder into your mods folder
  4. Have fun!!!!!

Download The Iron Man Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: iceblu008

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