The Harry Potter Universe Mod 1.7.10

The Harry Potter Universe Mod 1.7.10

Snidgert said: 

At last, The Harry Potter Universe Mod is here. Are you ready to become a real wizard and start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
This mod brings the universe of Harry Potter into Minecraft. This mod doesn’t only bring the stuff from the movies to Minecraft but also stuff from the games and books, including the book Magical Beast And Where To Find Them.

First thing I wanna do is give a huge thanks to Mithion (The creator of Ars Magica 1 & 2 http://www.minecraft?updated-jan-27/) for helping me out with some of the coding, thanks to him we got accio and winguardian leviosa

Everything have not been added yet. I’m still working on it, and there might be some things I can’t implement because of how Minecraft works. However, I’ll do my best to add as much as possible. And since I’m currently working on this alone there might go some time between updates. I’ve also just started back in school so there might go longer between updates than there was between the 3 first updates.

One last thing before I get into the mod itself if you are can code and make models, or can texture or would like to design and work on my forum post. You have good experience, and you would like to join my team and help out with the mod, feel free to message me and tell/show me a bit of your skills and them we can talk about you joining me.Enjoy the mod.

  • The installation is pretty simpel just put the file in the mods folder

Download The Harry Potter Universe Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: Snidgert

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