The Dirt Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2


The Dirt Mod is created in your world with a good start. The Dirt Mods Tools aims to give a better start and the tools updated have a good efficiency. They act as wooden tools; therefore, the big benefit is that you can get lots of cobblestone and coal faster and their efficiency is better than diamonds. The tools are necessary for starting and all are made of dirt. Remember that the only thing you need do is a crafting table.

You don’t have wood for pickaxe, but you have a crafting table using the dirt. Moreover, you find underground for crafting a beast efficiency pickaxe and go up in less than a minute. On the other hand, you want wood for starting the god dirt axe.

All the tools have a 100 durability which allows you to get lots of materials except the shovels. The shovels have a 4000 durability with a godly good efficiency. The only thing needed is a block of diamond. The armors are really useful if you do not have iron or leather to make armor use the dirt. Finally, this mod basically wants you to love the dirt.

  • 1 part: The Armor And Sword
  • 2 part: The Tool (like Axe, Pickaxe)
  • 3 part: Some Utility Such As Custom Flint And Steel Or Custom Dirt Shield
  • 4 part: The Dirt Dimension
  • 5 part: Structures In The Dirt Dimension




Minecraft Forge

Download Links:

For 1.10.2

Credits: RomenTheUGT

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