Talisman Craft Mod 1.7.10


Talisman Craft Mod 1.7.10

This mod introduces many new powerful items that allow various different magic possibilities. The combination of different talisman abilities is encouraged to find more ways to play the game, build adventure maps, or to have epic multiplayer battles.

27 Talismans, 13 Blocks, 3 mobs, and many ingredients make this mod rather beefy, but you will find out that many of these are rather rare, or hard to get.

*Requires Minecraft Forge



Magic Stone-

Spawns everywhere in veins of around 8. Common as coal

Drops multiple magic dust

Sapphire Ore-

All crystal ores are as rare as diamond and drops one crystal

Spawns in Ocean, Beach, Cold Beach, Taiga, Cold Taiga, Cold Taiga Hills, Ice Mountains, Ice              Plains

Ruby Ore-

Spawns in Desert, Mesa, Mesa Plateau

Citrine Ore-

Spawns in Desert Hills, Forest Hills

Aragonite Ore-

Spawns in Plains, Forest, Birch Forest

Amethyst Ore-

Spawns in Jungle, Jungle Edge, Jungle Hills, Savanna

Smoky Quartz Ore-

Spawns in Ice Mountains, Roofed Forest, Swampland, Extreme Hills

Crystal Blocks-

Made with 9 of the corresponding crystal


Magic Dust-

Used in many crafting recipes

Used as fuel for the talismans

Any crystal received from an ore can be converted to 30 magic dust

Crystalline Air-

Only crystal that can/needs to be crafted

Used, along with other crystals, in Set Stone recipes

Talisman Crafting Base-

Used in combination with another diamond, magic dust, and a Set Stone to craft a talisman

Life Essence-

Produced when using the conversion life talismans

Used as fuel for imbue talisman

Fiery Essence-

Drops from Auric Pyroid Mob

Used in Fiery Aura Set Stone recipe

Anti-Water Essence-

Drops from Aquaphobe Mob

Used in Anti-Water Set Stone recipe

Windy Essence-

Drops from Magic Bat Mob

Used in Air Set Stone recipes

Set Stones-

Crafted with various materials, magic dust, and a crystal

Used to create Talismans




When used on a Mob, the mob will be moved in the direction that the player is facing

Uses 1 Magic Dust

Wind Aura-

Accelerates the player

Constantly consumes a lot of Magic Dust

Currently makes the player invincible (due to bugs with movement). Working on a non-                          invincible one to balance it a little

Aerial Fling-

Catapults the player forward. One use will shoot the player 8 blocks, at the farthest.

Uses 1 Magic Dust


Small Fireball-

Fires a fireball similar to that of a Blaze

Consumes 1 Magic Dust

Large Fireball-

Fires a fireball similar to that of a Ghast

Consumes 2 Magic Dust

Fiery Aura-

Places fire around the player, gives the player fire resistance

Constantly consumes Magic Dust


Convert Plant-

Destroys a plant block (from wood logs, to tall grass, to crops.) Upon destruction, drops                         a varying amount of Life Essence, from 1-3.

Uses 2 Magic Dust

Convert Living Mob-

Kills a mob considered alive (most passive mobs, spiders, witches) and drops a varying                         amount of Life Essence, from 2-9. Babies give only 1

Uses 5 Magic Dust

Imbue Essence-

Applies regenerate and strength to target. If no target, then to player

Uses 1 Magic Dust and 6 Life Essence


Single Strike-

Fires a projectile. If it hits a block, it will spawn lightning at that location. If it hits a mob, it                        will only do damage

Uses 2 Magic Dust

Multi Strike-

Fires a projectile that summons many more lightning strikes. DANGEROUS! Fired too                           close to the players’ feet can kill

Uses 5 Magic Dust



Mines a 3×3 section of sand/gravel/dirt or other shovel related blocks.

Uses 1 Magic Dust


Moves a 3x3x2 block deep section of sand/gravel/dirt into the air (very useful in the                                desert for mob grinding, or in plains as a trap/protective wall)

Uses 1 Magic Dust

Raise 2-

Same as above with greater radius


Spirit Aura-

Sets the player in a limited flight mode and allows the player to pass through solid                                  objects. (When in inventory, player can’t activate creative flying mode)

Consumes Magic Dust continuously

Invisible Aura-

Renders the player invisible

Consumes Magic Dust continuously



Mines a 3×3 section of stone/sandstone or other pickaxe related blocks (does not                                 include metal and many player crafted blocks)

Uses 1 Magic Dust


Raises a 3x3x2 section of stone into the air (useful in caves as a protective wall or a                              mob trap)

Uses 1 Magic Dust


Suppression Aura-

Turns nearby water blocks into a technical air block that randomly ticks to replace itself                         with a water source block (can lag a bit, my laptop computer runs it just fine with my                                normal settings though)

Ocean friendly-I originally envisioned this as a way to explore underwater and obtain                               clay from oceans easier.

Constantly uses Magic Dust

Evaporation Aura-

Turns nearby water blocks into a technical air block that randomly ticks to replace itself with a non-source water block

Cave friendly version of the Suppression Aura-Experimentation with trying to make the Suppression Aura work with non-source blocks led me to separate these talismans to solve a bug where it would delete any block from the server and not the client causing major issues

Constantly uses Magic Dust

Ice Shard-

Fires a projectile that does moderate damage

Uses 2 Magic Dust

Ice Aura-

Turns nearby water into ice

Constantly consumes Magic Dust


Fires a snowball (useless right? It’s there though, so think of it as a snowball with a stack size way higher than normal. DIE BLAZE, DIE!! lol)

Uses 1 Magic Dust

Swimming Aura-

Speeds up player movement in water

Continuously consumes Magic Dust

Temporary Water-

Places non-source water blocks similar to a bucket

If used multiple times on a hillside, it can create a wave to wash down mobs

Uses 1 Magic Dust


Auric Pyroid-

Places fire around it, teleports away from water, and tends to panic when hit


Drops Fiery Essence

Spawns in Deserts and Nether


Uses the Suppression Aura


Drops Anti-Water Essence

Should spawn in water, and in water based biomes

Magic Bat-

Drops Windy Essence

Should spawn in caves

This mod is a work in progress. I would greatly appreciate bug reports, helpful suggestions, and any advice from more experienced modders. Most of my textures were made on a whim and I will be first to accept that they suck, so, if you have a texture that I like better, I will gladly use yours instead (I will give credit of course).

I have no intention of restricting what you do with this mod. You may use it in mod packs. You may look at my source code. However, I only ask that you do not make money off of this mod, and that you don’t call it your own.

Could someone notify me of the magic dust per second consumption of each aura? (I wonder if this differs from computer to computer due to performance speed) This info would be helpful for balancing


2014-07-14_14.png (854×480)

2014-07-14_14.png (854×480)


2014-07-14_14.png (854×480)

2014-07-14_14.png (854×480)

2014-07-14_14.png (854×480)

2014-07-14_13.png (854×480)

2014-07-14_13.png (854×480)

2014-07-14_13.png (854×480)

Install Talisman Craft Mod 1.7.10

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10 version
  2. Download the zip file for Talisman Craft
  3. Open the Minecraft directory and place the mod zip file in the mods folder. (If there isn’t one already, then make one)
  4. Run Minecraft launcher and select the Forge profile from the drop menu
  5. Enjoy!

Recipes and a changelog may be found inside the mod zip file (be sure to keep the original zip intact for Forge.)

Known Bugs

*          When a Spirit Talisman: Spirit Aura is in the player inventory, the player cannot use the creative flying ability. This is not intentional, but if you are in creative, why would you have the need for the Spirit Aura anyway?

*          Lightning will continuously render. The extra bolts don’t actually strike. It is a cool effect, but, none?the-less, it is still a bug. This is due to an error in rendering on the client or the server. Two lightning balls will appear, one for client and one for server, but only one will register for magic dust consumption

*          If you can push the Windy aura in the right way, Steve will fly uncontrollably. There are safe guards in place, but who knows what you come up with

*          Some talismans have anomalous magic dust consumption (I think I squished most of these)

*          Projectile based talismans fail to render their projectiles (projectile still fires). Only one talisman doesn’t fail. I tried re-codding the others in the same way but they still don’t render.

*          Centering of the Auric Pyroid’s fire (I’ve messed with this for so long, it’s rather frustrating)

Planned Changes

*          New textures for the set stones, and talismans

*          New talisman themes for Metal and Enchanting (At this point this will be in the far future)

*          New talisman variants: Astral Projection, Detonation Explosives, Lava Lake Storage, Stone Wall Generator, Omni-Aura

*          Mobs to drop ingredients to make talisman variations (Mostly Done)

*          Custom sounds (not likely)

*          New names for mobs and various items

*          New models and textures for mobs

*          Thinking about a name change for the entire mod

*          Fixes to Wind Aura to allow damage

*          Particle effects

*          New function for various essence: a usable item that gives a single use talisman effect

Download Talisman Craft Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: raythedeceiver

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