Minecraft 1.8.9 Mods

This category helps you to browse thousands of minecraft 1.8.9 mods which is updated frequently by the Minecraft community. Minecraft 1.8.9 is an update to Minecraft which was released on December 9, 2015. This release is compatible with servers running 1.8 – 1.8.8.

Minecraft Mod (short for “modification”) helps players turn their world game in to a new world that is different from the original Minecraft. It is anything that changes Minecraft’s game content, such as the addition of new items, crafting recipes, blocks, and mobs; changes to existing items, blocks, or mobs; or fixes to certain bugs.

Open a new minecraft world with a lot of exciting things by using Mods for Minecraft 1.8.9 now!

  • Indicatia Mod (Full In-Game HUD Info)

    Updated 2 hours ago | 3,650 views

    Indicatia Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4 allows hardcore gamers Minecraft to access a lot of information about the status and utilities in the game. …

  • Storage Drawers Mod (New Storage Solutions)

    Updated 3 days ago | 32,027 views

    Storage Drawers Mod 1.15.2/1.14.2 gives you chances to try new storage solutions to your workshops that resembles a mix of Jabba …

  • Minecolonies (Build Your Colony)

    Updated 3 days ago | 22,149 views

    Have you ever thought that you will have your own colonies? With Minecolonies Mod, your thought becomes easy because the players …

  • Inventory Crafting Grid Mod

    Updated 2 weeks ago | 10,250 views

    Inventory Crafting Grid Mod provides a numerous of advantages for anyone who get bored of dropping crafting benches everywhere, but still …

  • CoroUtil Mod

    Updated 2 weeks ago | 16,460 views

    CoroUtil is not any strange thing, it is just a library of classes that all Coros mods use. If you want to …

  • Extra Golems Mod

    Updated 1 month ago | 31,127 views

    Extra Golems Mod provides 40 golems, each of them has unique properties so you won’t get bored with plain old Iron Golems. They …

  • Corail Tombstone

    Updated 1 month ago | 8,888 views

    Corail Tombstone Mod allows to keep the dropped items in a grave when you die in a tombstone. When clicking the …

  • Cosmetic Armor Reworked

    Updated 1 month ago | 12,693 views

    Cosmetic Armor Reworked Mod allows you to wear two sets of armor. They are one for display and one for function. Besides, …

  • Biomes O’ Plenty (A lot of New Biomes)

    Updated 2 months ago | 55,867 views

    Biomes O’ Plenty Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4 adds a lot of realistic biomes, some fantasy biomes, and other cool things to Minecraft. It …

  • Thut’s Elevators Mod

    Updated 2 months ago | 30,285 views

    Thut’s Elevators Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4 provides you with dynamic elevators in Minecraft.  It currently has support for up to 64 floors with many …

  • CleanView (Too Many Particles)

    Updated 2 months ago | 3,031 views

    CleanView Mod will remove particles, that come from potion effects, from your character or any other type camera entities (the …

  • More Drops Mod

    Updated 2 months ago | 801 views

    More Drops Mod adds meat drops to some mobs. There is salt, which is another major feature to this mod. …

  • World Stripper Mod

    Updated 2 months ago | 4,010 views

    World Stripper Mod is a utility mod that allows you to strip away the terrain to view the underground world generation. …

  • MineMenu Mod

    Updated 2 months ago | 12,052 views

    MineMenu Mod brings a useful shortcut key menu that helps players to select quickly functions like inventory, setting… This makes …

  • Packing Tape

    Updated 2 months ago | 5,021 views

    Packing Tape Mod adds in packing tape in which players can use to pack up their items, chests, machines, etc, and …

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