The Survivalist’s Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2

Have you ever been sittin in a cave or struggling to survive in a dark, musty dungeon underground? have you ever wished there was more incentive in Minecraft to get exploring the forest? The Survivalist’s Mod 1.11.2 aims to satisfy that need.


The Survivalist’s Mod adds in a few new blocks and some items that will help to change the way you see your minecraft world.

  • First things first: trees are awesome. They were awesome before but now they are even better. While breakingd odwn a tree there is a chance that you will also get: sticks, tree branches, tree gems, or tree blood.
  • Tree branches can be used to make living tool rods or sticks.
  • Tree gems and Tree Blood can be used in conjunction with other tree parts to make Crystalline Arbor and Tree Life Core.
  • Tree gems and living tool rods can be used to make the tree gem tool set. *no armor yet
  • The tree life cores can be used to make living stone or combined with leaf crystals to make life essence.
  • The leaf crystals are made by smelting down tiled living stones which are made with a gold block and living stone.
  • Living stone will spread. As the living stone is touched it tries to spread around and give life to the stone around it.

This mod is not quite done. It has enough content that it can add to your game and still be enjoyable but it will have more later on.




Minecraft Forge

The Survivalist’s Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Survival: The Arrival Release 1.11.2 Jun 22, 2017

Author: dracominer

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