The Stuff Extension Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

The Stuff Extension Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a mod about adding more stuff to Minecraft. You can find all kinds of new materials that allow you to make tons of new tools, blocks, armor sets, and even storage boxes.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. The idea of The Stuff Extension is not to make Minecraft more complicated, but to add new stuff to find. You can play just like normal and find the new ores that are available. I recommend playing with Just Enough Items so you can view the recipes that are needed for the items.


  • Tons of new materials:
    • Exalted Diamonds
    • Blood Diamonds
    • Terra Diamonds
    • Copper
    • Steel
    • Tin
    • Tyionetium
    • Bronze
    • Brightflame
    • Brightsteel
    • Reforged Gold
    • Magic (Yes, that’s what it’s called)
    • Mithril
    • Mortium
    • Mysterious
    • Mystic
    • Sky Iron
    • Terrium
    • Toslotrium
    • Vividium
    • Extranetium
  • Store Boxes:
    • The Store Box
    • The Super Store Box
    • The Mysterious Store Box
    • The Diamond Store Box
  • Tools, Weapons, and Armor for most of the materials
  • Two new tool types the mattock (pickaxe/axe) and the remover(Used to removed the mysterious store box, WIP)


Minecraft Forge

The Stuff Extension Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
TSE-v1.2.0.0-1.12 Release 1.12.1 Aug 7, 2017
TSE-v1.1.1.0-1.12 Beta 1.12 Aug 6, 2017
TSE-v1.0.9.0-1.12 Beta 1.12 Jul 3, 2017
TSE-v1.0.7.0-1.12 Beta 1.12 Jun 23, 2017
TSE-v1.0.6.1-1.11.2 Beta 1.11.2 May 22, 2017
TSE-v1.5.0-1.10 Beta 1.10.2 Jun 29, 2016
TSE-v1.5.0-1.9.4 Beta 1.9.4 Jun 29, 2016
TSE-v1.0.0 Release 1.8.8 Dec 29, 2015

Author: lillobby6

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