StructPro Mod for Minecraft 1.12.1/1.11.2 (Fast Schematic Spawning System)

StructPro Mod 1.12.1/1.11.2 adds new functionality to the world generator. It automatically spawns various structures based on schematics during the world generation on the server side.


It works both with server and client-integrated server. Strutures can reach gigantic proportions and generates as quickly as possible. During the world exploration you can discover neatly pasted schematics that looks harmonical with environment. Any user can add arbitrary schematic to make it possible automatically appear in the world. You can collect more than 2900+ great schematics and include them to standard mod releases. Mod config provides the ability to adjust spawn rates. There is possibility to generate villages constructed from schematic sets.


First time launching this mod with 3000 schematics consumes about 1-5 min in forge loading screen because reading new schematic entails appropriate calculating dump files to speed up pasting routine in future. If your schematic have ground level with grass, gravel, stone and dirt etc. It will dig down as it is necessary. If your scheme made roughly, paste process will automatically detect air outside of your structure and place it goodly. Creatures automatically spawns inside buildings (for example, blazes and ghasts in nether, villagers in village and cave spiders in undergrounds). Every chest have random loot according to configuration and may reproduce some schematic-native items.


  • Arbitrary schematics supported
  • Compact village generation
  • Available all possible types of buildings: Common, Underground, Underwater, Afloat, Sky, Hill
  • Accurate pasting and position calculation with several nearby attempts
  • Handling any inconvenience things that may happen
  • Automatic schematic parsing and biome determination
  • Keep tile entities like in schematic (Text signs, Command blocks, Spawners, Chests, etc)
  • Random chest loot
  • Random mobs spawn-control
  • Automatic mob-population inside generated structures
  • Flexible configuration of entire generation processes
  • In-game creative commands to paste schematics or even villages
  • Any players can combine their own schematic sets
  • Built-in schematic rotation and flipping algorithms
  • Lots of best schematics collected and it number over 2900
  • No dependencies

Differences with Placemod:

  • Major changes in logic system.
  • Fixed most bugs.
  • Fixed critical bug when overlapping blocks had not removed tile entities.
  • Much more accurate soil-roughness calculations.
  • Spawn attempts order to surely spawn some type of building if it possible.
  • Universal world-cache system for fast and more simple world control.
  • Convenient spawn commands for schematic and village.
  • Isolated dump-files.
  • Biome spawn relations improvements.
  • Workable Command block, Text Signs and Dispensers
  • Random chest loot for all versions


  • Schematic proportions W <= 1024, H <= 256, L <= 1024
  • Schematic volume <= 256^3
  • Schematic file size <= 16 MB
  • Java: 1.6+


You can find all .schematic inside schematics folder that you have to put inside your .minecraft root directory.

By default it has next subdirectories: Common, Floating, Underground, Underwater, Water, Village.

You can put your own folders and schematics inside without any problems.

Important folder names:

  • Common conventional buildings
  • Sky | Floating hovering in the sky, like floating islands
  • Underground fully dug into the ground
  • Underwater appears under water
  • Afloat | Water spawns exactly on water
  • Village same folder schematics tries to appear all at once as village
  • Hill | Mountain spawns like basic buildings, but without roughness-accuracy bias.

You can add your schematics to any sub-folder of %appdata%/.minecraft/schematics/Your_Schematics, or the folder you specified in config.
Biomes determines automatically and fully isolated from players and builders.

You can set biome manually, just make sure schematic relative path have folder that is one of next:

  • Sand – SAND BIOME
  • Desert – SAND BIOME
  • Snow – SNOW BIOME
  • Ice – SNOW BIOME
  • Cold – SNOW BIOME
  • Water – WATER BIOME
  • Mesa – MESA BIOME
  • Mushroom – MUSHROOM BIOME
  • Nether – NETHER BIOME

Mod Configuration

Config file located in config/structpro.cfg

  • DENSITY {Double} [0..+INF, Overflowing probability, Recomended 0.0035] Spawn probability per chunk
  • DENSITY_VILLAGE {Double} [0..+INF, Overflowing probability, Recomended 0.00035] Village probability per chunk
  • ACCURACY {Double} [0..+INF, Recommended 1.0] Calibration accuracy criteria, 0.5 means two times more accurate
  • FORCE_LIFT {Integer} [-INF; +INF, Recomended 0] Force lift up every structure (recommended 0)
  • NATIVE_LOOT {Boolean} [Recomended false] Set chest spawn priority to native loot if it exists
  • ONLY_VANILLA_LOOT {Boolean} [Recomended true] Ban modded items from spawning
  • LOOT_CHANCE {Double} [0..1, Normilized probability, Recomended 0.5] Chest loot chance
  • MIN_CHEST_ITEMS {Integer} [0..27, Recomended 2] Min number of stacks per chest inclusive
  • MAX_CHEST_ITEMS {Integer} [0..27, Recomended 7] Max number of stacks per chest exclusive
  • MAX_CHEST_STACK_SIZE {Integer} [0..64, Recomended 12] Max item stack size for chest loot
  • SPAWN_MOBS {Boolean} [Recomended true] Spawn mobs in generated structures
  • MOB_SPAWNERS_EGGS_ONLY {Boolean} [Recomended true] Pasting mob spawners only with mobs that have eggs
  • ADDITIONAL_OUTPUT {Boolean} [Recomended true] Print details about schematics loading and failed paste attempts
  • IGNORE_LIGHT {Boolean} [Recomended false] Ignore light, enabling may speed-up pasting process but broke light
  • WORLD_CHUNK_BORDER {Integer} [0..+INF, Measured in chunks, Recomended 4096] Generation border
  • SCHEMATICS_FOLDER {File} [Relative path, Use “/”, Recomended schematics] Schematics goes this folder
  • SPAWN_DIMENSIONS {Set} [Case sensitive, Recomended -1, 0, 1] Allow spawning structures only in this dimensions
  • VILLAGE_DIMENSIONS {Set} [Case sensitive, Recomended 0] Allow spawning villages only in specified dimensions
  • REPLACE_BLOCKS {Map} [BlockSrc -> BlockDst, Comma separated, Case non-sensitive] Replaces blocks to another
  • EXCLUDE_ITEMS {Set} [Item names, Comma separated, Case non-sensitive] Exclude items from possible loot


Pasting schematic in the world. Each field may not be specified. Available only for creative users.

/structpro paste

  • name= Select random schematic which path contains this name (default = “”)
  • posX= Position X in the world (default = Player position X)
  • posY= Position Y in the world (default = Player position Y) (Put = 0 To auto detect height)
  • posZ= Position Z in the world (default = Player position Z)
  • rotateX= Rotation around X axis (default = random 0) [not works]
  • rotateY= Rotation around Y axis (default = random 0..3)
  • rotateZ= Rotation around Z axis (default = random 0) [not works]
  • flipX= Flip X axis (default = random true..false)
  • flipY= Flip Y axis (default = random false) [You want flip your building upside down?]
  • flipZ= Flip Z axis (default = random true..false)
  • village= Spawn entire village (default = false)

Schematic saving to schematics/Saves folder from world fragment. Fragment will be copied in increasing X,Y,Z direction.

/structpro save

  • name= Schematic name
  • posX= Position X in the world (default = Player position X)
  • posY= Position Y in the world (default = Player position Y)
  • posZ= Position Z in the world (default = Player position Z)
  • width = Schematic width
  • height = Schematic height
  • length = Schematic length

Restore previous world data. Also works for village paste. Restores blocks for external mods. May be unsafe.

/structpro undo




Minecraft Forge

StructPro Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
structpro-3.8-1.12.jar Beta 1.12 Aug 19, 2017
structpro-3.8-1.12.1.jar Beta 1.12.1 Aug 19, 2017
structpro-2.7-1.10.2.jar Beta 1.10.2 Apr 20, 2017
structpro-2.7-1.11.2.jar Beta 1.11.2 Apr 20, 2017
structpro-2.4-1.11.2.jar Beta 1.11.2 Apr 12, 2017
structpro-2.4-1.10.2.jar Beta 1.10.2 Apr 12, 2017
Schematics Release 1.0.0 Mar 25, 2017

Author: Ternsip

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