Steves Inferno Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.10.2

Steves Inferno Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2 amplifies the demonic aspect of minecraft! It has an Adventure Aspect as well as progress through play system, Meaning you will be granted better items through playing!


NEI, JEI, or TMI Is recommended to use with this mod, as not all recipes are as straight forward.


The Nether

The Nether now has 2 new mobs, which are as follows;

  • The Demon which upon killed drops a demon heart!
  • Lavasnail which drops magma cream!

The Circles of Hell

Wheras what we call “The Nether” seems to mostly contain demonic beings, this dimension contains the sinners, as well as some other unholy beings.
It consist of several biomes, which are as follows; “Treachery” “Anger” “Fraud” “Limbo” & “Heresy”

In this dimension you will encounter tortured souls, being beated and suffocated to death, only to respawn at once, and repeat for all eternity, wandering in Limbo and tortured by Fraud.
You will encounter beings filled with anger, doomed to tear eachoter apart for all eternity, and fallen angels torn by their treachery!

The Portal is made with Quartz Blocks and lit with a Demonic Rod (4 Demonic Dust around a blaze rod)

The Heavens

  • The portal to the Heavens is made with gold blocks and lit with a Angelic/Purified rod.
  • The Heavens consists of 1 biome which is Edens Garden.
  • Here you will find the holy spirits, as well as guardian angels.
  • To get the angelic rod however you will need to obtain angel hearts.
  • If you put toghether 1 Demonic Dust as well as 1 Unholy Dust, you will recieve 1 ravaged dust. This will cause the heavens to answer with force! Be prepared!


The strongest sword, called “Morningstar” can be crafted with the hearts of the holy ones. Doing so, will result in Lucifer, Satan himself spawning in. I do recommend to do so in the Heavens for full effect!

The Endorium

Once you have defeated the devil himself it is time to enter darkness! Building a portal of End Bricks and lighting it with the Devils Heart will lead you into the endorium. A place where existence is a lie, and dark beings lunger for flesh.

Useful Items

Through the dimensions you can gather usefull items.

  • Drained Armor can be crafted by usinig unholy ingots. This is crafted with 3 unholy fragments, which you get by smelting the hearts of fallen angels.
    Drained Armor is stronger than Diamond
  • Fire Essence Chestplate can be crafted with Bolk of Fire Essence, and item which is gathered by taking 9 of the hellkeepers fire essence toghether.
    By holding Fire Essence in your hand you are powering the chestplate, granting you fire resistence. Be sure to stack up!
  • Morningstar sword is crafted with the hearts of the holy ones! It is way stronger than diamond and quite useful!

Also craftable are “Shulker Helmet” & “Nighttime Generator”




Minecraft Forge

Steves Inferno Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Steves Inferno: Endorium Release 1.11.2 Jun 27, 2017
Steves Inferno 2.0 for 1.11.2 Release 1.11.2 May 25, 2017
Steves Inferno 2.0 Release 1.10.2 Oct 24, 2016

Author: Martinbv95

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