Star Wars Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

About Star Wars Mod:

Star Wars Mod is based on the Features from the series of Star Wars Originaly Created by George Lucas. Then sold to Disney.



The Crystal Ores are probably the most important thing about this mod as of yet. You need them to craft almost everything.

The Normal Crystal ore:

  1. Spawns In the Minecraft World
  2. Spawns below layer (y coordinate): 12
  3. Only spawns UP to 3 ores at the same place
  4. Has the ID: 600
  5. Harder than normal Ores: .setHardness(6F); normal: (3F)

The Nether Crystal ore:

  1. Spawns in the Nether World
  2. Spawns below layer (y coordinate): 50
  3. Only spawns UP to 3 ores at the same place
  4. Has the ID: 601
  5. Harder than normal Ores: .setHardness(6F); normal: (3F)


The Holocron was an Idea from one of you guys out there. Its potential in the mod has no come way beyond what I thought of it. It is used to craft various of cool stuff and is also a pretty cool looking block itself. The texture goes good with it as well.

The Normal Holocron:

The Normal Holocron is the one you can craft and use for other items to be crafted. It glows in the dark and is just awesome.

  1. Has the ID: 602
  2. is 4/3 times harder than the Crystal Ores.
  3. Glows in the Dark: .setLightValue(1F);

The Fake Holocron:

The Fake Holocron was made so whenever you create an Instant Hut and there pops up some Holocrons here and there, they are Fake, meaning you can craft anything with them.

  1. Has the ID: 603
  2. is 4/3 times harder than the Crystal Ores.
  3. Glows in the Dark: .setLightValue(1F);


LightSabers and Blasters are the Main Weapons in the Star Wars series. With Jedi?s or Sith?s using Sabers and Rebels, Stormtroopers, Drones and Clones using Blasters. They are both powerfull weapons against the normal Minecraftians since they are either made out of, or shooting out some Crystal(s).


  1. They come in 4 different colors (red, blue, green and purple)
  2. They each do 14 Damage (way above normal swords)
  3. They have the ability to close and open at all time.
  4. When closed they of course don?t do the same damage.
  5. They have the ID?s: 3014 ? 3017
  6. They use their own Enum class (only modders understand)
  7. They have Unlimited Uses since they are not to be broken.
  8. U can only have 1 lightsaber in ur hand at the time.


The Blasters are currently being under development but I still added a bow version of them anyhow. So go ahead and try them out. They should be 1 hit on most of the mobs and npc?s.


The First thing I added was the mod?s own Tab. Because what else would you add when you switch from ML to FML? (ModLoader to ForgeModLoader)

The Star Wars Tab:

  1. It will always be ingame since the ID is changing if there is another mod(s) installed: (CreativeTabs.getNextID());
  2. It has the Name: ?The Star Wars Mod?
  3. It has every Item from the mod in it
  4. Uses a custom Icon.


The Instant Holocron Hut is made by right-clicking on the ground with an Instant Hut Wrench looking Item. The Item has 10 uses and will after then destroy itself.

The Instant Hut Item:

  1. It has 10 uses after that it is destroyed
  2. It has the ID: 3022
  3. The Texture is kind of temporary, so if u want, u can send one in to us and we may add it, depending if we like it


Last on the list for now we have all this also. The Crystal is the Item you get when mining Crystal Ores. The Handle is used to Craft LightSabers and Blasters. The Hammer can be used to crush a Crystal into 32 Crystal Pieces, which can be charged by adding either blue or red dye color to it.

The Crystal:

  1. Is obtained by mining Crystal Ores
  2. Has the ID: 3000
  3. Is used to craft almost everything in the mod as of yet

The Handle:

  1. Has the ID: 3001

The Hammer:

  1. Is used to crush Crystals
  2. it breaks after used, so you have to get a new one
  3. Has the ID: 3035

The Crystal Piece:

  1. Is obtained by Crushing it with a Hammer
  2. Has the ID: 3036

The Charged Crystal Piece (Blaster Ammo):

  1. Used as Ammo for the Blasters
  2. There is 2 kinds of them, one charged by lapis and another charged of red flower dye, it reacts to those two materials
  3. Has the ID?s: 3010 and 3011




How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Star Wars Mod
  • Put Star Wars Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don?t have a mods folder, create it
  • Done

Mod Download Links:

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Older versions:

Author: JavaBuckets

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