With Sprinkles Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

With Sprinkles Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 includes a variety of items that fit into vanilla Minecraft.




Obsidian Hopper


This Block allows for items to be pulled out / put into  your personal Ender chest.  You must either place a Ender Chest on top of the Hopper or the Hopper must point into an Ender Chest.  NOTE: The Obsidan Hopper picks the Ender Chest to select by whoever placed the Obsidan Hopper.  This allows for wireless transfer of items across the world.  The hopper will only interact with the bottom row of your ender chest that way you can still use an ender chest for normal storage.

Infused Eye of Ender

The Infused Eye of Ender allows for access to your Ender chest anywhere in the world.  Just right click with this item in hand and you will see your personal Ender chest.  While accessing your ender chest the eye spins around.

Auto Dropper

As soon an item is inserted into the Auto dropper it will immediately spit it either into the inventory in front of it or it will spit it into the world.

An auto dropper can insert into another auto dropper to allow for rapid movement of items either horizontally or vertically.

Rain Detector

The rain detector emits a redstone signal while it is raining at the block.  The block emits a redstone signal of 4 for rain and 8 for thunderstorms.  The block fills with water when it rains.

Sorting Gem

The Sorting Gem, When activated by a sneaking right click, will automatically keep all items on your hot bar at max stack size, if you have items in your inventory that match the ones on your hot bar.  It will also keep your off hand always stocked if you have the items required.



Exchange will replace the block that you break with the block that is in your off hand.  This is handy for upgrading your cobblestone house to stone bricks or if you want to build a complex design. Sneaking will stop the Exchange Enchant from working.

Fiery Aura

Fiery Aura will attempt to smelt the block being mined.  If it is unable to smelt the block then the block will drop its normal drops.


Minecraft Forge

With Sprinkles Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
With Sprinkles-1.10-1.12.jar Release 1.12 Oct 23, 2017
With Sprinkles-1.10-1.12.1.jar Release 1.12.1 Oct 23, 2017
With Sprinkles-1.10.jar Release 1.12.2 Oct 23, 2017
With Sprinkles-1.09.jar Release 1.12.1 Sep 14, 2017
With Sprinkles-1.08a-1.11.2.jar Release 1.11.2 Aug 8, 2017
With Sprinkles-1.08.jar Release 1.12 Jul 29, 2017

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