Solar Apocalypse Mod 1.6.2

Can you survive the end of the world, never see the sun again, never enjoy a relaxing day on the beach? If you can, then this mod i for you. Survive under the ground until you find a way to stop the Solar Apocalypse.

This mod adds  a Pandora’s Block, its a Magic, glowing, indestructible box, opening it, dooms your world



Pandoras Chest

  • Ever wandered what would happen if you opened it?
  • Never again, open it and watch the consiquenses of you’r decision.

Obsidian Glass

  • You have discovered a way to hold out the suns heat.
  • But this glass is not perfect, it seams like it is attracting lightning and if hit it breaks.

Reinforced Obsidian Glass

  • You went to the nether and found a new material.
  • What would happen if you combined that with the obsidian glass?

Opening the box triggers the start of the solar apocalypse, which has 3 stages in the:

Stage 1

  • Nothing happens, so go get some resources.

Stage 2

  • Ice and snow melts
  • Grass and plants die.

Stage 3

  • Stage 2 effects increase.
  • Water disappears.
  • Items, people and animals burn in the sun.
  • Fire rains from the sky.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Solar Apocalypse Mod
  • Put Solar Apocalypse Mod jar file into your .minecraft.jar folder
  • Done


v4 R4

  • Fixed a tick bug.
  • Added a performance setting, turn this up by a greater number to fit you.
  • Added the “/sapoc” command.
  • Added new textures.
  • Many internal fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not activate the Solar Apoc.
  • Added a new block that sets you on fire.
  • Added a block that makes water removal less laggy.
  • Changed the Pandoras chest to print the stage – 1 to get the known stage.

Credits: c_herse

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