So Many Alloys Mod 1.6.4

So Many Alloys Mod 1.6.4


So Many Alloys is a mixture of technological and a traditional mod. For one, it adds ?technology’, I guess. It also adds tools, making it traditional. But, this mod is different. It adds 60 toolsets. Every toolset is made by an alloys. Each alloys has two statistics, which affect how good the tool is. However, to get the alloys is quite hard.



Ores – Mine these, and then you wanna smelt them. More information is in the picture, such as harvest levels, and names. Also, in the picture, the rarest is on the right, the most common on the left, and it’s just like a scale of rarity.

Ore Blocks – Easy enough to create, just get the ingot of the ore you want to turn into a block, and then put 9 in the crafting table. Nice for storing the ores.

Ore Walls – These are walls created from So Many Alloy ores. You craft these as if you were crafting a fence, but instead of sticks or Nether Brick, you use the ingots. Cannot be reversed.

Refinery – This block is slightly harder to explain. The Refinery is a technological block, and it refines certain ores. The ores which can be refined are Tin, Copper, Silver, Titanium, Tungsten, Platinum and Rhenium. The refinery is explained in it’s picture. If the ingot needs to be refined, then you cannot use the raw ingots for much at all. You can use raw copper ingots as fuel for the Refinery. The Refinery uses ?electrical’ items, including all redstone sources (apart from torches). It also uses refined copper ingots. This needs a redstone block underneath it to power the Refinery.

Line: X X X
Line: X Y X
Line: X X X

X = Copper Block
Y = Redstone Dust

Alloy Forge – This block is the most important thing in the mod, apart from the alloys themselves. This creates the alloys. You put either the refined ingot, or just the ingot if it can’t be refined, in the first two top slots, and in the bottom, you put an electrical fuel, which is exactly the same as above. However, at the bottom, this needs lava, still or moving. Once the Alloy is made, you are ready to see how the alloys work!

Line: X X X
Line: X    X
Line: X X X

X = Iron Ingot



So, you have your alloy, whatever it may be. The first thing you will notice is that the alloy is simply called ?Alloy’. That is because there are lots of alloys, so the name is in a little information box when you hover over it. But wait, there is more in this information box! There are statistics! ?Hardness’, and ?Heaviness’. Now, as much as alloys are hard to create, some can be really bad. Hardness is a statistic which affects your tool’s durability, the higher it is, the more durability it has. The maximum durability in the mod is 1900. Heaviness is an interesting one, because the higher it is, the slower your tool will mine. This obviously won’t affect you if you create a hoe with it. These stats should make you think twice about making the tool for this alloy. Once you make the tool, which is made just like any other tool, that is it. You have made the tool, and there is no going back. Sure, you might want to test it out, but you can’t just scrap the tool. So yeah? always think twice! All the tools have an ?unminable’ harvest level, which means? they can mine EVERYTHING. Another reason to get alloyed tools.

Planned Features

  • More Alloys
  • Alloys can be created from Vanilla Ores!
  • More alloys stats to affect the tools
  • More uses for the alloys!
  • Swords? ’nuff said.

Download So Many Alloys Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Author: Leikaru


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