Snow Islands Seed for Minecraft 1.4.7


Seed ID: 327361274471045622

You will spawn on what looks to be a beautiful tropical island, surrounded by the ocean, however, it’s not really an island as it’s connected to the mainland. If you swim up north you will find one small island, and two larger ones covered in snow (North Pole Survival!?). The snow islands have a lava pool, pumpkins and a few dogs wondering around.

On the mainland to the south, there is also some cool things to explore. Including an NPC village that is built on the edge of crazy looking ravine, which has ripped through the land. As well as a Witch Hut in the swampland, with a lava pool right next to it (super evil witch cauldron?)

Maybe you can find some more cool stuff too, while exploring!


Snow Islands

  • x: -115
  • z: 66

NPC Village

  • x: -235
  • z: 1091

Witch Hut, next to lava pool

  • x: 531
  • z: 532
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