Slo-Motion Mod 1.6.4

What this mod does is allows you to slow down the game time to half with the tap of a key. Eveything will slow down, including you. But there is one catch, you can still look around and attack at normal speed, giving you a combat advantage! 
So, here’s everything:


  • Slow down time, and speed it back up at the press of a key.
  • Client only
  • Acts as a combat advantage


This mod is client side only! If you install it on a server, it will just delete itself! 

  1. Click the Downloads link
  2. Go to the page and choose either the Installer or the Raw file
  3. If you use the Installer, start the jar file and click Install
  4. If you use the raw file, drop it in your mods folder

Download Slo-Motion Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4


Rau File

Author: RomejanicDev

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