SkyZone World Generation Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

This is mod version of the SkyBlock Map. What has inspired me is the minimalist nature of the map and how players are forced with this map to really study up on the mechanics of Minecraft and push to some pretty hard limits what can be done with a minimum amount of starting resources.


  • Torch added to Sand Island (to keep Endermen from running off with blocks)
  • Obsidian turned into Lava blocks (to add an extra challenge)
  • Chests eliminated altogether
  • Endless empty chunks (you simply can’t build to the ?mainland? unlike on the map version)
  • ?Creative Mode? building with the SkyZone
  • A Witch Hut, complete with caldron and potted mushroom!
  • With ?Generate Structures? on, creates a micro Nether Fortress, Stronghold, Witch Hut, and Dungeon
  • Every achievement in vanilla Minecraft can be completed with the content in the map this mod creates
  • Additional small biome areas specific for spawning Ocelots & Wolves
  • Horses can spawn in this world?. in a small biome set aside for that purpose.
  • Every possible renewable resource can be obtained from maps generated with this mod, along with many types of non-renewable resources (although in admittedly limited quantities).
  • A custom version of The End

This mod hooks into the world generation routines when worlds are created. Instead of the ?Default? and ?Superflat? world types, a new type called ?SkyZone? is made available for creating new worlds. Generate Structures option will generate the villager house if it is ?On?, or it will simply be an empty chunk if turned ?Off?.

The long term goal here is to provide the support necessary to start out from the most bare essential elements and eventually be able to accomplish almost every task possible and build any structure in Minecraft from just a block of Lava, some water, a couple logs, and a few pieces of dirt. Every renewable resource should also eventually be made available at some point or another when playing with this mod, but it won’t be easy to get at them and may require some extra effort.


The main island where you spawn.

Sand Island with Cactus and Cane. Yes, there is nothing under the sand, so you need to figure out how to obtain everything here without it falling into the void in Survival Mode.

For an extra challenge, there is a pool of Lava floating in the sky. There should be enough blocks here to make a portal into the Nether.

Optional house for villagers. Select ?Generate Structures: On? to create this building if you want it.

If you are getting hungry or simply want to make some snowmen, Pumpkins are somewhat close, but you need to build out to get them.

The Sky Zone extends even into the Nether, with just a few pieces of Glowstone for various projects.

For some extra touches of home, you can even grab some Netherrack, where a second source of water can be found? if you want to make the effort to get it. A couple of mushrooms can be found there too.



  • Download and install Modloader
  • Delete META-INF file
  • Download WorldGen API
  • These files need to be put into the minecraft.jar file after being extracted from the zip file (compressed only to keep them together as a group) and will replace class files in Minecraft
  • Download SkyZone World Generation Mod
  • Extract it
  • Drag and drop all files into your minecraft.jar file
  • Close ?Minecraft.jar? and run minecraft!

For 1.6.2

SkyZone World Generation Mod

WorldGen API

For 1.5.2

SkyZone World Generation Mod

WorldGen API

Credits: King Korihor

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