Simple Ender Pouch Mod 1.7.2

Simple Ender Pouch Mod 1.7.2


Another simple, vanilla-scented mod brings the convenience of EnderStorage to your world, while maintaining standard Ender Chest mechanics. SEP adds the Ender Pouch, allowing you to craft an Ender Chest with leather and string to create a portable Ender Storage solution, without requiring dyes or complicated color-channel systems, along with keeping your valuables safe!


  • 2 Simple, Straightforward, Vanilla Crafting Recipe
  • Remote Access to your Ender Chest from your hotbar.
  • Easy, safe returns to home (assuming you don’t starve to death )


Download Simple Ender Pouch Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: DemoXin

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