ShinColle Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.7.10

ShinColle Mod 1.10.2/1.7.10 adds “SeiKan” mobs. These seikans are made of four materials from abyssal vent, and they can attack other hostile mobs with cannon, torpedo or airplane. You can build and level up your ship girls, upgrade ship’s equipments and fight other players.



  • Friendly and hostile ship girls
  • Ship equipments
  • Leveling system

Seikan / Ship Girls:

  • Destroyer : I, Ro, Ha, Ni, Shimakaze, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma
  • Heavy Cruiser : Ri, Ne, Atago, Takao
  • Light Cruiser : Tenryuu, Tatsuta
  • Carrier : Wo, Kaga, Akagi
  • Battleship : Ru, Ta, Re, Nagato, Yamato
  • Submarine : U511, Ro500, Ka, Yo, So
  • Princess : Airfield, Battleship, Destroyer, HeavyCruiser, Harbour, Northern, Aircraft Carrier
  • Water Demon: Aircraft Carrier
  • Transport: Wa-Class

The strength and build cost is based on industry mods and Infernal Mobs mod. It’s recommended playing with Infernal Mobs, Buildcraft or other industry mods.



Getting Started

You can get “Grudge” from killing mobs like zombie and creeper, then the guide book:


All detail information is in this book!


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

ShinColle Mod 1.10.2/1.7.10 Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
ShinColle- Release 1.10.2 Feb 14, 2018
ShinColle- Release 1.10.2 Oct 21, 2017
ShinColle-1.7.10.rv26.2 Release 1.7.10 Apr 11, 2017
ShinColle- Release 1.10.2 Mar 13, 2017
ShinColle-1.7.10.rv26.1 Release 1.7.10 Feb 13, 2017

Author: lulan2

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