Server Tools 1.6.4

Server Tools is a server administration/general utilities mod that can be installed server-side only without the need for clients to have the mod as well. It will work in a single player environment if you so desire.My permission for modpacks is covered in the license available at the bottom of this post! Mod Features:

  • Customizable Message of the Day(MOTD) sent to users upon logging in the server
  • Variety of added commands to the server
  • Ability to set homes and teleport locations

Instalation Server Tools 1.6.4

  • Install Minecraft Forge (
  • Run Minecraft once to generate mod folder
  • Place correct version of Server Tools in the /mods folder


  • /butcher [range]: kills all non-player entities within the given range
  • /disarm [player]: drops all items in the specified player’s inventory on the ground
  • /editteleport [set|delete] [name]: sets or deletes a specified teleport location
  • /entitycount {all | }: lists number of loaded entities. Use ?/entitycount all? to display detailed info and ?/entitycount ? to list number of that entity
  • /heal [player] [amount]: heals the specified player’s health by the specified amount (default 100%)
  • /home {set|clear}: Use ?/home set? to set your home, ?/home clear? to clear your home, and ?/home? to go home
  • /inventory [player]: opens up another player’s inventory as if it was your own
  • /kill [player]: vanilla command modified to allow killing of other players
  • /killall [entity]: kills all instances of the specified entity (ex. /killall spider, /killall item)
  • /motd: displays the Message of the Day
  • /removeall [{blockID} | “liquid”] [range]: removes all instances of the given block ID within given range of the player. Default for range is 20. ?liquid? can be used in place of blockID to remove all liquids in the area.
  • /spawn: teleports the player to the spawn point
  • /spawnmob [mob] [amount]: spawns a desired amount of mobs
  • /teleport [name]: teleports to the specified teleport location
  • /tpall: teleports all players in the current dimension to the location of the command sender
  • /tps {o} {dimid}: shows the server’s Ticks per Second stats. /tps o shows overall TPS, /tps [dimid] shows the TPS for the specified dimension
  • /whereis [player]: shows the current X,Y,Z coordinates as well as the dimension of the specified player

Download Server Tools 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Credits: matthewprenger

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