Server Extras Mod 1.7.2

Server Extras Mod 1.7.2

Server Extras is a mod designed for forge servers that want to improve the Minecraft life of their players. It adds three new commands that allow players to do the impractical and (near) impossible, without adding another mod to the client’s modpack.
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Enough chatter, to the features!
* Player-to-Player Teleportation without the need of admin status!
* A Chunkloader, without the block!
* Completely vanilla Ever-running Spawners!


/tpa [accept|deny|list|auto] [<player>|<autostate>]
Allows a player to ask to teleport to another without admin status.
Enabled by default.
<autostate> is a string in [ask, accept, acceptsilent, deny, denysilent].

/cloader (add|rm|info|rmop|infoop|balop|convert|help) [<arg>…]
The chunkloader groups loaded chunk by ?ticket?, allows a name to be given to it.
Acts a little like the Chicken Chunks spot loaders, but without the block or the world leaks.
Disabled by default.
add and rm allow you to start/stop loading chunks for the given ticket.
info shows you more information about yourself or a ticket.
rm/infoop is rm/info, but for admins.
balop allows an admin to give/take ?chunks? to/from players, allowing/hindering the number of chunks they can load.
convert converts ender pearls into ?chunks?. No need for admin status.
help tells you exactly how to use these commands. Use it sometime.

/spawner [<active>]
This command will tell the player if the spawner they are standing on is force-activated, and de/activate it.
By default, the price is one gold ingot to keep it going, but other options are none, gold nugget, iron, gold, diamond.
Disabled by default.

Download Server Extras Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: blue42u


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