SafeHorsey Mod 1.7.10

SafeHorsey Mod 1.7.10 Flying horse, teleport with horse,change horse type with command,cant steal tamed,cant ride tamed,cant leash tamed,editable naming filter,record all names used. 

Dependency :


You will need some type of economy plugin to use the buy commands. 

Permissions :

  • Horse.on to use horse commands 
  • HorseTP.on to teleport with horse 
  • Horsefly.on to fly horse 

Commands :

Command to fly horse (you must not be on your horse, type command then get on your horse and look up) 
You will fly the direction you are looking 
Command: /modshorse horsefly 

You must be on horse to use these commands. 
Teleport with your horse. 
Command: /horseyport  Command : 
You must be on horse to use these commands. 
/ModsHorse (this command alone will show a command list) 
command argument for horse color (example ( /modshorse black )  Colors : 

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Creamy
  • Darkbrown
  • gray
  • white
  • Blackdots
  • Whitedots
  • Command argument for horse type: (example ( /modshorse Mule )
  • You must be on horse to use these commands.
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • Horse
  • Skeleton
  • Undead
  • Command argument for purchase: (example ( /modshorse buyhorse )
  • Buyhorse
  • Buysaddle
  • buyleash
  • buynametag

Name Filter :

  • The config.yml contains a bad name filter. You may edit and add as many as you like.
  • The user.yml contains every player and names they used if u wish to not allow certain names this file will tell you who named.

To prevent players renaming other players horses and griefers from coming on and naming them for you a horse or mob must be tamed before you can name it. 

Brief Description :

  • If a player owns a horse only a server operator and the owner may leash it.
  • If a player owns a horse only the owner can leash, ride, name, kill it.
  • When flying a horse land running (like a airplane) otherwise you may kill your horse.

Installation :

Just put SafeHorsey.jar in your plugins folder and restart.

Download SafeHorsey Mod 1.7.10 For 1.7.10

Author: Modmasta

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