RPG Race Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2


Have you ever been playing Minecraft and thinking about your own business? Or you accidentally hit F5 and are forced to confront the horrifying, azure-trousered, pixelated monstrosity that is Steve? Have you played Minecraft for such long hours? Sometimes, its unchanging 10 heart health bar is forever burned into your mind, eternally mocking you about the friends and family that you scorned just to play this meaningless game? Do you despise the human race?

To answer all the knotty questions mentioned before, RPG Race Mod is a good choice for you!


  • Using the power of the Tome of Races, you can abandon your pitiful mortal shell and become something much better! Like a cow! Or a pig! (Note: mortality may still apply)
  • Each race has different base stats, along with several abilities, one of which is passive, and always applied, and two of which are activated on command! They can also have weaknesses too.
  • You can also use your player skin for each race. However, your normal skin probably won’t work. To create one compatible with your chosen race, find the default main texture for that race’s entity, edit it to your heart’s content, and upload it as your skin. Then, when choosing your race, simply select “Use Player Skin” instead of “Use Race Default”.

This mod is still in development, but will be updated rapidly. It is composed of two parts, the RPG Race Mod, which adds the framework the mod uses as well as one race, Human. If you want other races, check out my companion mod RPG Race Mod – Vanilla Races, which will eventually add all vanilla mobs as playable races. In the future, once a sizable amount of vanilla mobs have been added, I will release the API for RPG Race Mod, allowing other modders to easily add their own mobs as playable races to the game.




Minecraft Forge

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2


Author: KillerOfCubes

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