Red Gear Core Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

Red Gear Core Mod

Red Gear Core is primary a library of classes used by most mods created by Team Red Gear.

What Does Core Do?

By itself, Core does the following things

  • Changes Glass and Ice blocks, making them ‘solid’. This means
    • You can place torches, redstone dust, snow, levers, track, and such on them
    • Mobs will spawn on them
  • Option to make water finite.
  • Option to reduce chunk relighting events, reducing lag.
  • Registers a few vanilla items and blocks to the Forge Ore Dictionary
    • Coal Ore
    • Iron Ingots; Blocks
    • Gold Ingots; Blocks
    • Emerald; Blocks
    • Diamond; Blocks

These are configurable. All transformers can be changed individually, although the registration is all or nothing.


Install Forge build 965 or higher1
Download Red Gear Core
Place the .jar file into the “mods” folder.
Go down to the “Red Gear Mods” section of this post and install any number of those mods, and have fun.

1Older builds may or may not work.

Red Gear Mods

The following mods were all created by Team Red Gear and require Red Gear Core to function.

  • Snowfall
  • More Backpacks
  • Securecraft
  • Chemcraft Compatibility
  • Geocraft
  • Liquid Fuels
  • Tile Interface


You MAY:

  1. Use this mod in mod packs so long as
    1. You provide credit to Team Red Gear or LordBlackhole.
    2. You provide a link to the Minecraft Forums, CurseForge or Curse page.
    3. You do NOT make money off of your pack OR you donate at least $5 via the donate button on Curse. Money accepted to pay for a server is fine, you just can’t make any profit.
  2. Clone the repository to
    1. Fix bugs
    2. Add content. Talk to me (LordBlackhole) first though. I can be contacted on Curse, CurseForge, Minecraft Forums, GitHub, or email at gmail. I use the same name on all of these sites).
  3. Use the code in the RedGear repository to
    1. Create mods that use any RedGear mod’s API, depends on or adds too any RedGear mod. (Core has a lot of useful stuff).
    2. Use the code as a reference to learn about Minecraft modding or programming in general. (You can also contact me, (LordBlackhole) about that too, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have.)

You may NOT:

  1. Distribute this mod without giving proper credit.
  2. Make money off of this mod or mod pack containing this mod without donating at least $5.
  3. Copy ANY amount of code directly from the RedGear repository without first asking permission from LordBlackhole. (Unless otherwise stated)
  4. Copy any unique textures, files or anything else from any RedGear mod.
  5. Be a jerk in ways I haven’t thought of yet.



  • Possible fix for Core not working on dedicated server. Not 100% sure fix will work.
  • Small fix for machines that have fluids aka Liquid Fuels machines.
  • Small fix for item registration. Small, but VERY important for 1.7 update.

Download Red Gear Core Mod

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Old version


  • LordBlackHole
  • Enosphorous
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