Random Stuff Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft

Random Stuff Mod 1.6.4 adds a bunch of random objects, blocks, biomes, trees and a bunch of other crazy stuff into Minecraft.


This Mod Requires the following:

  • Latest Version of Minecraft Forge!
  • This mod adds in the following items:
  • Crumpkin Grass & Dirt
  • Crumpkin Biome
  • Emerald Tools & Armor
  • Silver Ore, Tools
  • Purple Stone Ore, Tools
  • Color Trees (found in Crumpkin Biome)
  • Color Log
  • Color Planks
  • Color Sapling
  • Eatable Feather
  • Pancakes
  • A New Mob(WIP)
  • Obsidian Tools & Armor
  • Silver Armor
  • Purple Stone Armor
  • Crumpkin Armor
  • Super Diamond Stuffs
  • & a whole crap of a ton more

This mod adds in 3 new ores and more ores to come. You have Silver, Purple Stone, and Crumpkin. Silver is better than Purple Stone, Purple Stone is better than Stone, but not as good as iron. Silver is slightly better than iron, and crumpkin is better than Diamond.

This mod also adds another use for Emeralds. Emerald tools and armor are better than Diamond and Crumpkin. Along with the new tools, they each have blocks. The only biome (Which will change soon) is the Crumpkin Biome. (Note crumpkin ore spawns in ALL biomes, not just in Crumpkin) This biome adds a new grass and dirt. Then you have the color tree. Acts just like regular trees but, you have to manually remove the leaves, and you are promised saplings, which dont take ANY bonemeal to grow.

Then the Color Flower (WIP) not much about it yet, but more soon. The food this mod adds in unreal, but, that is for you to find out. 



How to install:

  1. After you have installed Minecraft Forge
  2. Put the Zip file in the MODS folder

Random Stuff Mod Download Links:

For 1.6.4


Author: David5886

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