QMAGNET’s Resource Pack Test Map 1.7.4


QMAGNET’s Resource Pack Test Map 1.7.4

QMAGNET’s Resource Pack Test Map Features

  • Entire map is separated into dedicated rooms based on theme
  • Every item clearly labelled for ease of viewing in odd texture packs
  • All regular blocks, including the stained glass, podzol, packed ice, and red sand
  • All main biomes for 1.7 including grass, tree, vine appearance
  • Time switching for sun, moon and star gazing
  • Weather switching with rain and snow viewing areas
  • Particle effects, including dripping water and lava, explosions, smoke, notes, XP, etc.
  • Fireworks viewing platform
  • Dedicated section for viewing GUIs like backgrounds of chests, crafting table, hopper, etc.
  • All plants, from the four tree types to huge mushrooms
  • Water and Lava in various forms, moving, falling, stationary
  • Nether and End Portals
  • All passive and hostile mobs, including horses
  • Ender Dragon and Wither
  • Inventory entities in chests and item framed
  • Equipping Stations for the 5 armour types and 5 weapons/tool types
  • 100% complete Art Gallery, includes every painting in the game
  • Separated redstone room with user activated items
  • Active minecart track and boat
  • All available playsounds

Download Link

For 1.7.4


Author: qmagnet

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