Power Boxes 1.6.2 Mod 1.6.2


Crafting recipes and screenshots:

Posted Image

What the sides do:

Posted Image

The GUI (with items in it):

Posted Image


– BC pipes can now connect to the input side

– Placing a Power Box containing Capacity Upgrades and more energy than the config value will now have the stored energy instead of the config value (Maximum Stored Energy).

– Creative Tab fixed

– Items in the Charge / Discharge slot will now drop upon breaking the Power Box.


  1. Download the corresponding Minecraft Version
  2. Download the corresponding Minecraft Forge Version
  3. Download BuildCraft 4.0
  4. Download IC2 Experimental
  5. Download the mod
  6. Put the mod in the ?mods? folder of your Minecraft instance
  7. Play with it!


For 1.6.2


Credits: Lordmau5

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