Pollution Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2


Pollution is a hot issue nowadays and is caused by burning fossil fuels. Pollution Mod is like Thaumcraft Flux and suitable for people who care about the environment. In this mod, pollution is tracked by chunk. When there is no pollution, there are no effects. As pollution is prevalent, players take damage and experience nausea. As a result, the air becomes cloudy. Moreover, machines also operate slower and due to the lower oxygen levels, fossil fuels burn slower. Crops stop growing and may die off at the highest pollution levels.

Why Pollution ?

The idea is to provide incentive to move beyond early-game fuels like charcoal, coal, and oil and progress into wind, water, solar, and nuclear. Tree farms that produce wood that is either burned directly, as planks, or as charcoal will be hit especially hard. This mod is certainly not for every pack.


Pollution spreads to surrounding chunks, which lowers pollution in the course chunk where pollution is being generated, but of course increases pollution in the surrounding chunks.

Avoidance and Mitigation

Pollution can be avoided entirely by not burning fossil fuels. In the early game, this is very difficult to accomplish due to a lack of other power sources. It is therefor advised to limit furnace activity to a minimum and use mods which draw power from wind, water, solar, nuclear, etc..

In future versions of the mod, trees will slightly lower pollution and certain plants will likewise slowly absorb pollution. There will also be pollution scrubbers and other mechanisms that either filter pollution at the source or clean it up in the general environment.


Minecraft Forge

Download Links:

For 1.10.2


Credits: MigukNamja

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