Plunder Rummage Mod 1.6.4


Plunder Rummage is a mod that adds a new mechanic to Minecraft; treasure hunting! I designed the mod to be configurable (highly) and leaving only core mechanics non-optional (treasure maps), as well as making it a mod desirable to those that both enjoy exploring their world, and those who need a reason to! Treasure maps are dropped by some hostile mobs (5% change to drop), and there are three difficulty levels: Easy (always one-stage), Medium (multiple stages of rewards), and Hard (multiple stages with the final stage offering the rewards). 50% of the time a map drops, it will be Easy, 33% of the time it will be Medium, and 17% of the time it will be Hard. Easy maps will only reward easy rewards (those added by .easy.txt files), Medium maps will reward medium (.med.txt files) and easy rewards (easy have their default weight x2). Hard maps will reward all levels of rewards (.hard.txt files), with the items’ weights being multiplied by 2 for medium and 3 for easy. Hard rewards are fairly hard to acquire, but they can be a good source for other resources, too.


Treasure map showing its difficulty, origin, unknown search region and number of stages left in the hunt. The second shows the search region. Note this location for the next screenshot.

Note that the ACTUAL location of the chest is not (731, 387) but rather a distance of 12 blocks away from that point. This chest spawned in the ocean on a wooden raft and the reward is shown.

A Vampiric Sword at it’s extremes, 6000 and 18000 (midday and midnight). Notice the stat changes.

A teleport scroll that was recently mapped to the location (718, 69, 296). This can be changed at will (the location is also shown in the item’s tooltip).

A Life Ripper being charged (the green swirls display it’s spherical range) and then being released, showing the seeds it harvested and the grass destroyed.

A Pulse Shield being charged and then set to active. The cyan swirls are for charging. Entities can still enter the sphere while it is charging. Once it is active (blue swirls) no entities may enter, and any entities inside (except the player) are launched outside.Uncrafting an Alchemizer (Minor Alchemy, this is just to show that it automatically adapts to other mods). Once one of the items is taken from the 3×3 grid, all items are either injected into the player’s inventory or ejected into the world. Normally, the Alchemizer takes a lava bucket, but it is not present when uncrafting because it is a container item and you get the bucket back upon crafting it; this is true for all recipes that have container items. [NOTE: Ingot the green tooltip, I was using it to fix a bug. Also,

ignore the arrow pointing in the wrong direction, I just used the default crafting GUI for now]

This triple image shows a chest full of random crafting components (just so there is a picture of them) randomly tossed into a chest. Note how the purple ingots are split into two stacks. This is important. The second picture shows the empty chest and the Chest Stealer with -10- items, even though there were only 9 unique items. This is because stacks that are split are counted as separate, so if you plan on maximizing your intake, make sure all stacks are stacked to their highest amount! [NOTE: Normally, the items appear in the same sequence as they were when they were taken but with eliminated spaces. I had to deal with some issues while I was taking these pictures so the chest wasn’t in the same order after I fixed the issue]

This triple image shows the Enchantment Siphon taking the enchantments (Efficiency IV and Silk Touch I) off of a diamond pickaxe. The enchantments are written into regular books (shift-click will remove all enchantments at once). If all enchantments are removed, the once-enchanted item is ejected from the inventory (either into the player’s inventory or the world) as it is no longer allowed in the enchanted item slot. The topmost enchantment is taken from the item and it is a free process. Putting them back onto items, however, would require using an anvil. So the drawback here is that you can’t really choose which enchantments you want to remove, only the top one.

Download Plunder Rummage Mod

For 1.6.4

Old version

Author: Guff1118

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