Player Progression Mod 1.11.2


Player Progression Mod allows for progression of swords, tools and armor. Each level is earned through EXP orbs that are picked from anywhere when holding the item you want to level up. Each level-up will fully repair your equipment. Once the maximum level cap has been reached for your item, it will gain an ability which is specific to each item type.

Sword Abilities:

  • Full Swing – will deal large knockback to entity hit
  • Witch Hunter – will deal extra damage when fighting witches
  • Animal Butcher – will deal extra damage when fighting animals
  • XP Robber – will randomly steal experience when fighting enemies
  • Nether Boost – grant extra damage when using sword in the nether
  • End Boost – grant extra damage when using sword in the end
  • Outer Boost – grant extra damage when using sword in a modded dimension

Tool Abilities:

  • Break Master – grant tool extra speed when mining
  • Weaponized – deal extra damage when using tool
  • Flame Hit – burn the an enemy when hit with tool
  • Flame Touch – smelt smeltable blocks when mined
  • XP Finder – gain a little XP when mining blocks
  • Mount Repair – Repair tools overtime when on mount
  • Second Chance – Allow the tool one chance to survival breaking

You can have a total of two abilities for each item. The main ability is granted by maxing the level of the item while the “sub” ability is given using the synthesizer on the item. The synthesizer allows you to combine weapons with synth spheres. Synth spheres carry the main ability of a weapon (and half of the xp on the weapon) and can transfer that ability to and item as a “sub” ability.



Minecraft Forge

Player Progression Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Player Progression 1.0c Release 1.11.2 Apr 21, 2017

Author: 115kino

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