Pam’s Get all the Seeds Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9

Pam’s Get all the Seeds Mod‘s function is to make all the seeds in the game together with wheat drops from the tall grass.  If there are any inconveniences, you can turn off seeds dropping or change their frequency by using the config file.

Block IDs: None

Item IDs: None

Config File: Yes

Mod Information:

In Minecraft, farming becomes a huge thing. It becomes that because you need to survive, and to do that you need food. And then you start enhancing your farm and making it bigger. However, soon you become overrun by a problem, you have mostly wheat growing and nothing else because it is very hard to find other seeds.

Pam’s Get All The Seeds Mod fixes this problem! Now you can acquire all of the seeds in the same, easier way. Destroying tall grass blocks! Just like the grass gives you wheat seeds, it will now as well have the chance of dropping: pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, carrot seeds and of course, the potato seeds. Some people might argue that this is making the game easier and make it less fun to play. Absolutely NOT! The mod includes a config file where you can change the chance of the seeds spawning. From spawning as often as wheat seeds, or not spawning at all.
To change the spawning rate of the “extra” seeds you have to open the config file and change the ”rarity”, it ranges from 1-10. At 10 the “extra” seeds will spawn as often as the wheat seeds do; at 1 they will spawn very rarely; at 0 they will not spawn at all.
It is awesome that simple mods like these can give you pleasant surprises every now and then. Little things like a random seed spawning can cheer you up and grant you a good mood.


Minecraft Forge

Download Links:

For 1.10.2 & 1.9.4

For 1.8.9

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.2/1.6.4

Older versions:

Credits: MatrexsVigil

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